Physcion 10% Powder

1.Rhubarb Root Extract Powder
2.Fungicide on agriculture

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Physcion 10% Powder on Agriculture Use | Pariethin | Rhubarb Root Extract Powder


Physcion is extracted from the root of Rhubarb. The active ingredients of rhubarb are chrysophanol / rhein and physcion. It works as fungicide on agriculture.


Appearance:Brown Yellow Powder
Assay (HPLC):10%
Particle Size:NLT95% through 80mesh
Loss on Drying:5%
Ash Content:5%
Total Heavy Metals:10ppm

Microbial Limits:

Total Plate Count:1000cfu/g
Yeast & Mold:100cfu/g


1. Physcion can inhibit the growth of fungicide.

2. It induce crops to produce anti-retroviral reactions.

3. It makes crops from pathogens, and achieve the effect of disease prevention.

4. It is suitable for biological preparations for the production of green and organic vegetables.



1kg AI Foil Bag & Customized

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