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What Shall We Do About Soil Consolidation

Jun 14, 2019

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One, how is soil consolidation formed

(1) the content of organic matter is an important indicator of soil fertility and aggregate structure. The low content of soil organic matter affects the activity of microorganisms, thus affecting the formation of soil aggregates and resulting in soil consolidation.

(2) the aggregate structure of soil is an important indicator of soil fertility. The destruction of aggregate structure of soil leads to the decrease of soil water and fertilizer retention ability and permeability, resulting in soil consolidation.

(3) the aggregate structure of soil is composed of soil clay particles with negative charge and organic matter connected by multi-valent cation with positive charge.

(4) the soil acid alkalinity is too big or too small, as follows: acid rain.

Second, causes the soil to harden the factor

1. Farming methods

2. Excessive use of chemical fertilizers

3. Use of plastic products

4. Mechanical repression and tillage

5. Unreasonable irrigation

6. Accumulation of soil harmful substances

7. Soil erosion during heavy rain

Three, the solution of soil consolidation

1. Combine deep tillage with rotary tillage

2. Improve sticky soil

3. Effectively promote straw returning to fields

4. Appropriate use of soil improvers

5. Adopt the technology of soil measurement and fertilization

6. Promote slope cultivation technology

7. Saline-alkali land and non-saline-alkali land

8. Reasonable use of fertilizer

   (1) use of beneficial bacteria

   (2) use of humic acid fertilizers

   (3) increase the use of soil conditioner.