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The Replacement Of Fertilizer With Organic Fertilizer Is Just Around The Corner

Oct 24, 2018

The replacement of fertilizer with organic fertilizer is just around the corner.

"Crop a flower, whole rely on fertilizer to be in charge", here "fertilizer" the earliest point is organic fertilizer, this also is the experience that our country laboring people sums up in agricultural production for thousands of years. Since the popularization of organic fertilizer in various provinces and regions of China, the effect of replacing chemical fertilizer with organic fertilizer has been obvious.


This year, anhui province established six pilot counties where organic fertilizer of fruit and vegetable tea was replaced by chemical fertilizer, and guided farmers to make use of livestock and poultry manure and other waste from livestock and poultry breeding to produce organic fertilizer, process and apply commercial organic fertilizer, make good use of organic fertilizer resources such as livestock and poultry dung, and realize recycling and recycling.

Hebei province agriculture department learned that this year, the agricultural NongCunBu determine 10 counties (cities, districts) in hebei province to carry out the pilot produce organic fertilizer instead of chemical fertilizer, qinhuangdao FuNing zone, xingtai county, zunhua for apple organic fertilizer instead of chemical fertilizer pioneer (city, area), shijiazhuang chaff, zhuozhou city, hiraizumi city, yongqing, qing county, guantao, ascends the organic fertilizer for vegetables instead of chemical fertilizer pioneer (city, area). The pilot demonstration area of 10 counties (cities and districts) totaled 62,200 mu, with the implementation period from September this year to October next year. The pilot areas will focus on compost, supplemented by commercial organic fertilizers, guide farmers to use agricultural waste to build and apply organic fertilizers, make good use of organic manure resources such as livestock and poultry, and integrate and assemble various types of organic fertilizers, which can be duplicated and popularized to replace the technical model of chemical fertilizers. The long-term mechanism of organic fertilizer substitution for fruit and vegetable was constructed by popularizing the technical mode of organic fertilizer substitution.

Since the promotion of organic manure in zhejiang province in 2011, the substitution of organic fertilizers has achieved remarkable results. By the end of 2017, the province had a total of 4.94 million tons of organic fertilizer, with an applied area of 24.7 million mu. In 2017, total fertilizer use and nitrogen fertilizer use decreased by 9.1 percent and 12.4 percent, respectively, compared with 2013. The goal of "achieving zero growth in fertilizer use of major crops by 2020" proposed by the ministry of agriculture and rural affairs was fulfilled seven years ahead of schedule.

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