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The Power Of Humic Acid---the Agricultural Climate Is Changeable, And The Resistance Of Organic Fertilizer Is Irresistible

Jul 26, 2018

The power of humic acid---the agricultural climate is changeable, and the resistance of organic fertilizer is irresistible.


At present, many parts of the country are in the state of high temperature and humidity, climate change heresy, agricultural production caused a great impact. Agricultural production across the country, waterlogging, drought, insects, diseases and other phenomena are frequent. When these harsh conditions occur, plants produce a series of changes, such as drought, which causes leaves and young stems to wilt. Leaves are yellowed, dried, browned or even decayed by flooding. Leaf Browning at high temperature, appearance of dead spot, bark cracking; The pathogen infects the leaf with disease spot. It will affect the growth, growth, yield and quality of plants, and even lead to their death in severe cases.

On July 25, 2018, the ministry of agriculture and villages of China put forward Suggestions on furthering the work of ecological and environmental protection. Among them,We will encourage farmers and new types of agricultural operators to accumulate and apply organic fertilizers in various ways, and accelerate the negative growth of the use of chemical fertilizers. We will reduce the amount and increase the efficiency of pesticides, intensify green prevention and control, promote green prevention and control as an alternative to chemical control, and promote green development of agriculture.

Therefore, humic acid is playing an anti-heat, waterlogging, disease, insect and other anti-stress role.