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The Importance Of Humic Acid

Jul 19, 2019

Humic acid fertilizer is an important productive force in agricultural production. More than 40 years of research and production practice has proved that humic acid has significant effects.

1. Fertilize the soil. Is the core of soil humic substances, and soil homogenous match, with increasing soil organic matter content, refactoring soil granular structure, enhance the vitality of soil microorganisms, balance of soil nutrients, improve soil fertility, adjust soil pH value, reduce the pollution of soil, reduce soil salinization, the increase of soil carbon storage capacity, and other functions.

2. Optimize fertilizer. Humic acid is an excellent fertilizer synergist with trace and high efficiency. Humic acid can optimize the combination of nutrients, prolong the time of fertilizer effect, and promote the addition of nutrients. Humic acid can increase the fertilizer utilization rate by more than 10 percentage points on average, equivalent to a net increase of 30% ~ 40%. Humic acid fertilizer can reduce the application amount by 5% ~ 20% to ensure the stable yield and increase yield of crops. Humic acid fertilizer can reduce the number of times of fertilization, fertilizer once to meet the nutrition supply of crops for a growing season.

3. Stimulate growth. Humic acid is an internationally recognized natural biological stimulating hormone, which is natural, superior in quality and mild in disposition, and it has a very significant stimulating effect and effect on crop growth. The study showed that humic acid had significant effects on promoting root growth and improving root activity, and the regulation of root had both local effect (direct effect) and overall effect (indirect effect), and the direct effect was greater than the indirect effect.

4.Protect the ecology. The organic combination of humic acid and chemical fertilizer can reduce the use of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and micro-fertilizer by increasing the utilization rate of chemical fertilizer, which is conducive to saving resources and energy consumption in the process of chemical fertilizer production, reducing harmful gas emissions, and reducing the impact of farmland ecosystem on greenhouse gas emissions and water eutrophication.

5. Improve quality. Humic acid fertilizer can improve the content of nutrients, such as starch, protein, soluble sugar, vitamins, etc. Humic acid fertilizer can also reduce the residue of harmful substances in agricultural products, such as some heavy metals, nitrates and pesticide residues.

6. Nitrogen stabilization and carbon sequestration. Application of humic acid fertilizer can increase the mineralization rate and accumulated mineralization amount of soil organic carbon, improve the composition and combination form of soil humus, and thus increase the soil organic carbon content.