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The Difference Between Humic Acid And Fulvic Acid

Dec 06, 2018


Humic Acid: 1、It is the humic acid from young leonardite with aboundant organic substances which offers an lasting nutrients both to the soil and plants; 2、For soil with poor organic matter, sandy and saline soil recommended. It is perfect working as the soil conditioner; 3、It stimulate plant growth and increase the capacity of water holding and cation exchange.


Fulvic acid: 1、 It can stimulate the division and growth of root terminal meristem cells, and promote the seedlings to have fast roots, multiple secondary roots, increased root volume, and elongated root system; 2、The absorption and utilization rate of N, P, K and trace elements were increased; 3、Promote the improvement of stress resistance of plants and the formation of starch, protein, sugar, vitamins and other organic nutrients in crops, and make agricultural products taste good and nutritious; 4、Generally, it is only used as foliar fertilizer.


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