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The Benefits Of Seaweed Extracts Fertilizer On Crops

May 09, 2019

Aqualantis (Seaweed extracts fertilizer) is based on natural algae as the raw material, through the biological fermentation technology to extract and enrich mineral nutrients in the body, such as seaweed polysaccharide, mannitol, betaine, plant growth regulators and trace elements. It is a new kind of green organic fertilizer which retains the natural active ingredient of seaweed.

Effects of unique nutrients in seaweed fertilizer:

1. Seaweed polysaccharide

It can enhance the stability of products, chelate inorganic ions and heavy metal ions, and enhance the photosynthesis of plants. The soil structure was changed and the permeability was increased. Furthermore, crops can be easily absorbed to improve the body's immunity and effectively improve the quality of crops.

2. Betaine

It can regulate the osmosis of cells and enhance the ability of crops to resist drought, cold and salinity. A series of enzymes that protect plants; It has the function of insect repellent and can regulate and promote the growth of crops.

3. Mannitol

Participate in plant photosynthesis, regulate plant nutrition osmotic balance, and indirectly improve its immunity.

4. Iodine

Can inhibit, kill bacteria, enhance the immunity of the plant body.

5. Cytokinins

As a plant hormone, cytokinin can regulate the secretion of plant hormone and stimulate its growth.

Crop application performance:

1. Strawberry

With algal fertilizer, the flower buds differentiated earlier and the flowers grew stronger. The receptacle is larger, which is good for fruit development. Fruit good shape, higher quality!


2. Tomato

After the application of algae, it can effectively promote the synthesis and transformation of nutrients, the leaves are thick green and soft, the photosynthesis is good, the plants are strong, the flowers and fruits are protected, the brightness is high, the fruit type is good, the resistance to premature aging, the prevention and treatment of malformed fruit, umbilical rot fruit and other physiological diseases have a very good prevention effect.


3. Lemon

Lemon tree with algae charge for 20 days, rapid shoot, plant luxuriant, leaves thick green luster. Algae can promote the rapid absorption of nutrients in crops and regulate the growth potential of lemon trees.


4. Cucumber

After using the algae charge effect diagram. The thick and dark green leaves are much stronger than those before the use, and the feeding and feeding capacity is significantly improved. Fruit stout, sitting melon better, faster growth of melon!


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