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The Benefits Of Humic Acid In Agriculture

Aug 02, 2019

Humic acid plays an important role in soil nutrient conservation, structure improvement, acidity and alkalinity regulation, nutrient balance and so on. 

The benefits of humic acid to agriculture:

1. Stimulates crop growth, promotes root development and enhances photosynthesis.

2. Increase the persistence of pesticides and herbicides while reducing pesticide residues.

3. Improve soil quality.

4. A virtuous cycle of sustainable agricultural development.


Since humic acid is a weak acid, it has a strong buffering property, so it can adjust the pH of the soil and then convert nutrients and trace elements into a form that can be formed. Absorbed by plants.   

Below is a comparison of our humic acid products - Hamifert and crops, for reference only.

      image                                          image