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Tell The Story Of Humic Acid Spring

May 02, 2018

1. The first spring of humic acid "centered on the harmony of soil and fertilizer"

1) Origin of the story: reveal the soil humic acid.

   The knowledge of soil humic acid dates back to 258 years. At that time, people did not understand the "black thing" in the soil, always thought "ghost" was "acting strange". Later, soil scientists called it "dark matter." It was not until 1761 that the first agricultural chemistry book, "the principles of agricultural chemistry" (by Wallace Wallerius), first came up with the name "humus". In 1786, the German Achard was the first to extract the acid from a peat solution and then precipitate humic acid (agricultural chemists began to "plant"). Later, in 1797 and 1807, Vauquelin and Thomson Thomson of Germany extracted humic acid from decomposed plant residues and soil using lye. After 47 years, the evolution process of "black stuff, dark matter, humus and humic acid" is finally formed. The most profound "dark matter" in soil is humic acid.

2) Development of the story: scientific understanding of soil humic acid.

   Human use of humic acid dates back to 210 years ago. In 1809, German agronomist Albrecht Daniel Thae (1752-1828) proposed the "soil humus nutrition theory". Soil fertility, he thought, it all depends on the content of humus (core material humic acid), humus is the only plant nutrients in soil, minerals can only indirectly to speed up the absorption of humus. Human use of soil humic acid for guidance of this theory of "natural input, natural output" agricultural production, the formation of the "soil fertility self-sufficiency" agricultural production mode, open the prelude of human use of soil humic acid. It was not until 1840 that German chemist Liebig (Justus von Liebig, 1803-1873) put forward "theory of plant mineral nutrition," rejected "soil humus nutrition theory", in practice, the chemical fertilizer industry grew rapidly and has also changed the use of soil humic acid agricultural production mode.

3) The practice of the story: industrial use of humic acid.

   Humic acid was developed in China by human scale industrialization. In 1974, the state council issued the "national issue [1974] 110", namely, "report on active test, promotion and development of humic acid fertilizer" by the ministry of fire and agriculture. In 1979, the state council issued the document "guofa [1979] 200", namely, the report of the state economic commission on strengthening the comprehensive utilization of humic acid. The two documents opened the way for the large-scale development and utilization of humic acid. Among them, humic acid's "five important functions" in agricultural application have attracted worldwide attention, and still play the role of foundation. For nearly 30 years, under the guidance of China humic acid industry association, the industry engaged in humic acid agricultural fields related theory, technology and product research, has already formed the green humic acid fertilizer product system, the green pesticide products system, green derivatives system, fully capable of source, conditional guarantee food safety in production. Especially in recent 10 years, the world more and more studies about the role of humic acid, there is an upward trend in number, China humic acid number, total cited frequency of literature research are the highest in the world, ahead of the United States, Germany and other countries. This not only reflects the development and progress of humic acid science research in the world over the past 10 years, but also proves that China is leading the world in the development of humic acid research. At present, to strengthen the construction of permanent basic farmland and improve the quality of cultivated land, it is to let humic acid fully conserve the soil to be the "master" of the earth.

2. Conclusion

   The construction of "community of common destiny" cannot be separated from agriculture, and the "harmony of soil and fertilizer" is the cornerstone. In the new era, we should actively respond to the call of general secretary Xi JinPing, and build a new relationship of "soil and fertilizer harmony" with the "two centers" of humic acid. In the spring, the flowers are fresh, the honey is fragrant, let the strivers have the fruits of the new era, we will wait and see.