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Potassium Humate The Principles And Results Of The Test

Sep 29, 2017

First, the solid potassium hydroxide leakage emergency treatment isolation leakage contaminated area, surrounded by warning signs, it is recommended that emergency personnel wear gas masks, Potassium Humate wear chemical protective clothing. Do not directly contact the spill, with clean clean shovel collected in a clean clean covered containers, with a small amount of water added, adjusted to neutral, Potassium Humate and then into the wastewater system. You can also rinse with plenty of water and dilute the water into the wastewater system. Such as a large number of leaks, collected after recycling or harmless disposal.

Second, the protective measures Respiratory protection: If necessary, wear protective masks.

Protective clothing: wear overalls (anti - corrosion materials). Hand protection: Wear rubber gloves. Other: After work, shower dressing. Pay attention to personal hygiene.

Third, the first aid measures Solid potassium hydroxide Skin contact: immediately rinse with water for at least 15 minutes. If there is burns, medical treatment. Potassium Humate Eye contact: Immediately lift the eyelid, rinse with running water or saline for at least 15 minutes. Or rinsed with 3% boric acid solution. Medical treatment. Inhalation: quickly from the scene to the fresh air. When necessary, artificial respiration. Medical treatment. Potassium Humate Ingestion: Immediately rinse when the patient is awake, orally dilute the vinegar or lemon juice.

Potassium hydroxide as a chemical good material, is widely used in industrial, chemical and other fields of manufacturing, then the knowledge of this product, we understand how much, the following article for everyone to explain this material drawing Test principles and results.

Principle: Gram-negative bacteria in the cell wall in the dilute alkali solution is easy to rupture, the release of non-broken DNA spiral, so that potassium hydroxide suspension showed sticky, Potassium Humate can be used in the inoculation ring to pull out the sticky wire, and Gram-positive bacteria There is no such change in dilute alkali solution.

Method: Take 1 drop of 40g / L aqueous solution of potassium hydroxide (fresh preparation) on the clean glass, take fresh colony a little, stir and mix with aqueous potassium hydroxide solution, Potassium Humate and every few seconds to mention inoculation ring, Potassium Humate observe whether Pull out the sticky wire.

Results: Inoculation with the inoculation ring was positive, still the suspension was negative.

Application: mainly used for gram-negative bacteria and easy to decolorize the identification of Gram-positive bacteria. Most of the Gram-negative bacteria in 5 ~ 10s within the positive reaction, and some need 30 ~ 45s, Pseudomonas, Lactobacillus, Flavobacterium, Alcaligenes, Moraxella and most of the positive in 10s , Acinetobacter, Potassium Humate Moraxella responded slowly, most of the strains in 60s positive, and Gram-positive bacteria after 60s is still negative.