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Potassium Humate The Continuous Development Of Technology

May 18, 2017

Potassium Potassium Humate hydroxide also known as caustic potash, potassium ash, mainly used in medicine, dyes, light industry, textiles and other fields. With the development of applied technology, its application range is expanding gradually. Potassium Humate Potassium hydroxide is widely used in potassium permanganate, potassium carbonate and potash production. Globally, potassium hydroxide is used in the fertilizer field for about 10% percent of total consumption, and is low compared with other inorganic potash. In the field of non-fertilizer, for the production of other potash, about 50% percent of total consumption, Potassium Humate as the demand for potassium soap grows, the proportion of its consumption has risen substantially, about 16% percent of total consumption.

In the United States, the main consumption area of potassium hydroxide is used for the production of potash, mainly potassium phosphate and potassium carbonate, Potassium Humate accounted for 13% and 10% of the total U.S. Potassium Humate consumption, respectively. In recent years due to the low potassium carbonate downstream liquid detergent and fertilizer market downturn, the demand for potash is basically stable, has retreated to the United States potassium hydroxide the third largest consumer area. Liquid fertilizer has become the main consumption area, Potassium Humate accounted for 20%, other potash and potassium soaps accounted for 8% and 14% respectively.

In Europe, the main consumer areas of potassium hydroxide are also used to produce potash, potash consumption accounted for 30%% of total consumption, potassium phosphate accounted for 16%, other potash accounted for 19%, although the proportion is still high, but the actual use of the 2010 has a certain downward, Potassium Humate mainly the amount of potassium carbonate from 2010 120,000 tons fell to 2015 92,000 tons, the decline in proportion more than 20%.

China, as the world's main producer of potassium hydroxide, 2015, the total consumption of potassium hydroxide is about 685,000 tons, an increase of 26%.

The potassium hydroxide market will develop with the growth of potassium and potash requirements. The total consumption of potassium hydroxide in China is expected to reach 721,000 tonnes 2016, Potassium Humate which is used in the area of potassium carbonate for 148,000 tons, with 87,000 tons of potassium permanganate field. It is estimated that the annual average growth rate of potassium hydroxide is about 5.4%% in 2015-2018 years, to 2018 the total consumption of potassium hydroxide will reach 801,000 tons, among which the fastest growth is the other, the average annual growth rate of 6.3%, 2018 consumption of about 310,000 tons, followed by the daily, Potassium Humate average annual growth rate of 6.1%, consumption of about 80,000 tons; used to produce about 160,000 tons of potash, annual growth rate of 4.1% Consumption of potassium permanganate production in the field of about 93,000 tons, Potassium Humate an annual growth rate of 3.9%.