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Potassium Humate The Cause Of Turbidity

Sep 29, 2017

1, the shrinkage performance of concrete. Mixed with potassium hydroxide concrete, Potassium Humate at room temperature conservation, the first two months of contraction to be slightly larger, three months after the admixture of concrete shrinkage smaller than the added.

2, anti-freeze-thaw. Potassium hydroxide mixed with the concrete, the bulk density than the time is not large, indicating that its compactness, and thus better anti-freeze-thaw performance.

3, anti-mixed properties. Potassium hydroxide with concrete, Potassium Humate its impermeability label than the addition of coagulation on the impermeability of the label is higher.

4, the creep of concrete. The degree of creep of concrete mixed with potassium hydroxide is smaller than that of non-additive concrete, and the coefficient of creep is small, Potassium Humate so it can retain the necessary performance when used in prestressed melee soil.

5, other properties, the addition of potassium hydroxide concrete carbonation and corrosion, Potassium Humate etc. have had test reports. In general, under normal use, were not found to have adverse effects.

With potassium hydroxide solution before the first can not directly put the potassium hydroxide solid into the volumetric flask, because the potassium hydroxide dissolved in water will be exothermic, Potassium Humate it should be weighed a certain amount of potassium hydroxide into a small beaker The

Take 5.8 to 6 grams of potassium hydroxide into 1000 ml of distilled water, Potassium Humate distilled water before use to the carbon dioxide evaporation, take 3 grams of potassium hydroxide into a small capacity bottle and then into the 100 ml of distilled water.

And then slowly injected into the boiled to remove the CO2 and has cooled the distilled water / deionized water, and constantly stirring with a glass rod to make potassium hydroxide solid completely dissolved, Potassium Humate and then to its natural cooling, with a glass rod into the volumetric flask.

And then have been boiled to remove CO2 and has cooled the distilled water / deionized water to wash the glass and beaker 3 to 4 times and the lotion into the volumetric flask, and then volume capacity of the bottle.

About half an hour later, the solution of potassium hydroxide was successful.

The reason for the effect of solid potassium hydroxide turbidity is that the potassium hydroxide reagent contains carbonate. When the potassium hydroxide reagent is added to the alcohol, Potassium Humate the potassium carbonate and sodium carbonate which are insoluble in alcohol are suspended in the alcohol, resulting in turbidity of the solution. The key to preventing the turbidity of the solution is to remove the carbonate.

If you want to remove the potassium carbonate in the standard solution of potassium carbonate, just take the required concentration of potassium hydroxide reagents, Potassium Humate and then add methanol, shake, put it aside for about a week until the solution is clear, Discard the precipitate.

But the removal of carbonates in solid potassium hydroxide, Potassium Humate can not use the above method, because 95% of the ethanol water content is high, there will be part of the carbonate dissolved in water, it is difficult to separate, then need to solid potassium hydroxide Add 10% of the barium chloride solution (1L about 3 5mL barium chloride solution), standing for about two weeks, Potassium Humate until the solution is clear, filter, discard the precipitate, take the solution.