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Potassium Humate More Common

Oct 19, 2017

Potassium hydroxide The use of this product is more common, Potassium Humate the specific application of the chemical industry value is high, then the application of this product a lot, Potassium Humate we know how much? The following article for everyone to elaborate on the preparation of potassium hydroxide refractory adhesive, we come together to find out about it.

Preparation method of refractory liquid: 8 kg of granular potassium hydroxide, 7 kg of powdered sodium carbonate (soda ash) (manufactured by Asahi Glass Co., Ltd.) and 30 kg of metal silicide were added in the reaction vessel, followed by 60 L of water. In which the natural reaction began, Potassium Humate from the bottom of the potassium hydroxide began to react violently, in the reaction tank from the lower side to the upper side of the convection.

When the reaction temperature rises naturally, Potassium Humate the reaction temperature is in the range of 80 to 90 ° C, and the reaction state is the most active. The reaction temperature is not higher than 92 ° C. The reaction ends at about 10 h, separating the solid, and about 48 L (about 70 kg) of the refractory solution can be obtained. The residual solid is a metal silicide block, if washed with water, leaving about 22kg of metal silicide blocks. Potassium Humate In this remaining metal silicide block, a metal silicide block of about 8 kg was added and the sum of 30 kg of metal silicide was added to the second reaction.

In the same manner as in the first reaction, 8 kg of granular potassium hydroxide and 7 kg of powdered sodium carbonate (soda ash) (manufactured by Asahi Glass Co., Ltd.) were added to the reaction vessel, followed by sequentially adding 22 kg of the metal silicide block And 8 kg of new metal silicide blocks, Potassium Humate followed by the addition of 60 L of water to start the second preparation of the refractory reaction.

In the preparation, according to the first addition of granular potassium hydroxide, and then adding powdered sodium carbonate (soda ash), then add the metal silicide block, Potassium Humate and then add the water in the order of addition, starting from the bottom of potassium hydroxide reaction can be formed up and down Convection active reaction, which prepared the better performance of refractory liquid.

Solid potassium hydroxide cleaning capacity I believe we have heard, this product in many ways have a very good application, in order to facilitate the understanding of everyone, Potassium Humate a better understanding of this product, the following Xiaobian specifically for everyone to introduce the next Solid potassium hydroxide to the grease resistance, we come together to find out about it.

1, the first preparation of 85og water into the degreasing tank, Potassium Humate in the future followed by 21g solid potassium hydroxide, 25g sodium sulfate, 5g sodium gluconate, 2g sodium alginate added to the degreasing water, stirring to melt;

2, in another plastic bucket in the injection of 50g water and 3g additives A and 2g additives B in the barrel of mixing 5-10min, so that it melts completely, from the poured into the tank, Potassium Humate and will The remaining 37g water poured into one, that is, loss of room temperature degreasing agent;

3, the appearance of the general appearance of oil, Potassium Humate just in this degreasing agent soak for about 10min to reach the satisfaction of the degreasing effect, Potassium Humate degreasing years actually in addition to oil and water after washing the workpiece surface water film was an average of water film The only specification for degreasing is destined for the best time to remove the workpiece.