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Potassium Humate Cleanliness

Oct 27, 2017

First, the solid potassium hydroxide leakage emergency treatment isolation leakage contaminated area, surrounded by warning signs, it is recommended that emergency personnel wear gas masks, Potassium Humate wear chemical protective clothing. Do not directly contact the spill, with clean clean shovel collected in a clean clean covered containers, with a small amount of water added, adjusted to neutral, Potassium Humate and then into the wastewater system. You can also rinse with plenty of water and dilute the water into the wastewater system. Such as a large number of leaks, collected after recycling or harmless disposal.

Second, the protective measures Respiratory protection: If necessary, wear protective masks.

Protective clothing: wear overalls (anti - corrosion materials). Hand protection: Wear rubber gloves. Other: After work, shower dressing. Pay attention to personal hygiene.

Third, the first aid measures Solid potassium hydroxide Skin contact: immediately rinse with water for at least 15 minutes. If there is burns, medical treatment. Potassium Humate Eye contact: Immediately lift the eyelid, rinse with running water or saline for at least 15 minutes. Or rinsed with 3% boric acid solution. Medical treatment. Inhalation: quickly from the scene to the fresh air. When necessary, Potassium Humate artificial respiration. Medical treatment. Ingestion: Immediately rinse when the patient is awake, orally dilute the vinegar or lemon juice.

Solid potassium hydroxide cleaning capacity I believe we have heard, this product in many ways have a very good application, in order to facilitate the understanding of everyone, Potassium Humate a better understanding of this product, the following Xiaobian specifically for everyone to introduce the next Solid potassium hydroxide to the grease resistance, we come together to find out about it.

1, the first preparation of 85og water into the degreasing tank, Potassium Humate in the future followed by 21g solid potassium hydroxide, 25g sodium sulfate, 5g sodium gluconate, 2g sodium alginate added to the degreasing water, stirring to melt;

2, in another plastic bucket in the injection of 50g water and 3g additives A and 2g additives B in the barrel of mixing 5-10min, so that it melts completely, from the poured into the tank, Potassium Humate and will The remaining 37g water poured into one, that is, loss of room temperature degreasing agent;

3, the appearance of the general appearance of oil, Potassium Humate just in this degreasing agent soak for about 10min to reach the satisfaction of the degreasing effect, degreasing years actually in addition to oil and water after washing the workpiece surface water film was an average of water film The only specification for degreasing is destined for the best time to remove the workpiece.

For the configuration of the potassium hydroxide degreasing agent, do you know that this product can be used as a clear water agent, can manipulate its hydroxide to control the water ph, Potassium Humate but the hydroxide of this product can also be used to make degreasing Agent, Potassium Humate its use is very popular, involving the chemical industry in various fields, in agriculture, manufacturing has been popularized.