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One Of The Best Organic Fertilizer - Humic Acid

Oct 11, 2019

Humic acid produces effects on plant like biostimulants. In detail, humic acid can improve H+-ATPase activity of roots, simulate root elongation and the increase of lateral root points, which is conducive to the increase of root activity, as well as the expansion of the contact area between roots and soil nutrition. 

Humic acid regulates the metabolism of plant and improves the environment of plant growth under stress. Based on this, the abiotic and biotic stress is eliminated and the plant is prevented from the injury, which is conducive to plant growth. 

Humic acid also plays an important role in regulating soil enzyme activities related to soil or fertilizer nutrition transformation, and microbial community structure and biomass. Owing to the regulation, the nutrition is activated in soil, and the goal of nutrition preservation is achieved. Therefore, it is ensured that plant growth can get permanent nutrient supply. 

The promotion of humic acid on plant growth is affected by the structural characteristics, addition amounts of humic acid, and crop species.

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