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OMRI Listed NatureTech PowerAmino 800

Jul 02, 2019

We are pleased to inform you that NatureTech PowerAmino 800 (Amino Acid 80% Plant Origin) is now an OMRI Listed product. It means PowerAmino 800 is certified to be used in the organic manufacturing process. 

NatureTech PowerAmino 800 is derived from soybeans with excellent flowing, it's soluble in water immediately and completely and the high amino acid of 80% makes it perfect by foliar, it can be also used by fertigation and base fertilizer. PowerAmino 800 serves as a non-polluting, non-chemical and non-toxic fertilizer.

-Facilitating plant to generate its own protein.

-Increase the crop resistance against adverse weather conditions.

-Improve the color, preservation, flavor and fruits.

-Improve uptake of both organic & inorganic forms of nitrogen.

-Increase 20-25% yeild