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OMRI Listed NatureTech Aqualantis

Jan 31, 2019

We are pleased to inform you that NatureTech Aqualantis (Seaweed Extracts) is now an OMRI Listed product. It means Aqualantis is certified to be used in the organic manufacturing process. 

Aqualantis is a soluble extract of Ascophyllum Nodosum, it’s natural and a supplement to a well-balancd nutrition for plants. It includes Seaweed Polysaccharide, Alginic Acid and Mannitol, etc. 

Aqualantis is completely soluble in water and has abundant nutrients, usually it’s used by foliar spray, drip irrigation and liquid formulation. It helps improving the soil, root development, nutrient uptake and quality of crops and plants. It can also increase the yield by 20%. In our domestic market, it has been used to vegetables and fruits.