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Methods Of Soil Improvement

Jan 08, 2019


1. The rational use of chemical fertilizers.

The rational use of chemical fertilizer can increase production. However, the excessive use of chemical fertilizers is also very harmful to the soil. Therefore, using less fertilizer can prevent the continuous pollution of soil and is the fundamental method to solve the problem of soil improvement from the source. 

The rational use of fertilizer should pay attention to the following points:

1) When applying fertilizer, we should pay attention to the situation according to the lack of fertilizer in soil and crops. Reasonable supplementary fertilizer should not be applied excessively for yield.

2) Under different conditions, such as bottom fertilizer, top fertilizer and spraying fertilizer, the type, amount and concentration of fertilization are also different, so it is necessary for farmers to use them reasonably according to the situation.

2. Increase the input of organic fertilizer.

Soil fertility is closely related to the content of organic matter in the soil. 

Using organic fertilizer should pay attention to the following points:

1) Organic fertilizer can only kill the insect eggs and bacteria in raw materials after thoroughly decomposing, and it should not be used without decomposing.

2) Organic fertilizer of regular manufacturers should be selected, or organic fertilizer of independent fermentation of golden probiotics should be adopted to prevent undesirable manufacturers from using heavy metals and other raw materials to produce organic fertilizer.

3) In the process of self-fermentation of organic fertilizers, attention should be paid to the non-toxic and harmless fermentation materials. Raw materials containing heavy metals and antibiotic residues are not suitable for the fermentation of organic fertilizers, which are easy to cause secondary pollution to the soil.

Organic fertilizer can gradually activate the soil, fertile soil, the current use of organic fertilizer with fertilizer is the most ideal way of fertilization!


3. The supplementary microbial agent.

Microorganisms promote the release and chelation of trace elements in soil through the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide and the secretion of organic acids and other acidic substances in the metabolic process, effectively break the soil compaction, promote the formation of aggregate structure, improve the aeration condition of soil, and promote the generation of organic matter, humic acid and humus.

Secondly, microorganisms play a very important role in the input and output of soil materials and energy, and are important links in the material cycle chain. It can activate soil organic and inorganic nutrients, decompose organic matter, release nutrients and increase the effectiveness of nutrients.

Moreover microbes in the reproductive and metabolic process, degradation of residues in the soil fertilizer, organic pesticide, heavy metals and other pollutants, etc., in its physical and chemical reaction of the above pollutants decomposition, transformation, fixed, transfer, and the new synthetic innocuity, dividing them into less harmful or harmless substances, reduce the degree of soil pollution.

4) Add soil conditioner

As the secondary salinization of soil acidification, etc. Various kinds of problems, especially in the high economic benefit of greenhouse vegetables and fruit trees, farmers were soil problems heavier, soil conditioners in these areas are also beginning to heat up in recent years, soil conditioner for soil mainly has loose soil, improve soil aggregate structure, retention of fat, alleviate the effect of soil acidification, salinization, etc.

It is worth advocating that humic acid products with activated mineral sources have been widely used abroad. Humic acid is classified as biostimulant in some countries such as Europe and America, which has good effects on soil remediation and crop growth stimulation.

Although soil conditioner has improvement and conditioning effect on soil, but when you choose it, you must know what kind of soil it is aimed at, some of it is aimed at alkaline soil, some of it is aimed at acidic soil, and the dosage should be reasonably controlled, excessive use will cause other side effects.


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