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The Importance Of Protecting Black Land

Oct 16, 2018

Black land is the world food treasure, is the king of the soil.

There are only four large black soil areas in the world:

It is distributed in the great plains of Ukraine, covering an area of about 1.9 million square kilometers.

The Mississippi River basin in North America covers an area of 1.2 million square kilometers.

Thirdly, it is a black soil area in northeast China, covering an area of about 1.03 million square kilometers.

Argentina in South America runs to the Pampa grassland of Uruguay, covering 760,000 square kilometers.

They are distributed in three major regions in the northeast, North America and South America of the world. Due to great differences in soil formation factors, the soil characteristics and organic matter content of each black land are different.


Black soil is the most fertile soil in the world. The soil contains ten times as much organic matter as loess. The largest is in Ukraine, where the great plains of Ukraine hold 30 percent of the black earth, known as the breadbasket of Europe. Ukraine is now a major exporter of sunflower oil, also known as the 100-year sunflower kingdom. The outskirts of the city are fields of sunflowers.

Two lessons from black land history:

Due to overexploitation and reclamation, the four black lands had soil degradation problems of different degrees. Among them, Ukraine and the United States experienced rare "black storm" events, which left a deep lesson for people.

1) "black storm" event in Ukraine: in 1928, a very destructive "black storm" event occurred in Ukraine, which almost swept across the entire Ukraine region, with soil layers in some places being stripped by 5 ~ 12 centimeters, the most serious being more than 20 centimeters.

2) "black storm" events in the United States: in the 1930s, sandstorms gradually developed into a climate, with 14 outbreaks in 1932 and 38 in 1933. In the spring of 1934, they finally developed into disastrous sandstorms, which became a rare event of "black storm" in history and was identified as one of the 10 natural disasters in the 20th century. Wherever the wind passes, Wells and streams run dry, cattle and sheep die in large Numbers, people are uprooted and displaced, and the north American continent is in desolation. After the black storm, large areas of farmland became desert, and the loss could not be counted.


Everyone is responsible for protecting black land

The true nature of black soil is humic acid. She is the foundation of soil life, the core of black land, the protection of black land from her. We have the wisdom to make full use of her, that is, through the humic acid extracted from industry to feed black land, so that the magnificent black land will release new vitality constantly. Currently, the task of clean soil and clean food engineering is very difficult to tackle climate change. To this, we must "let humic acid from the soil to the soil," we must restore the original appearance of black land, we must be the owner of black land.


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