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Humic Acid Widely Used

Jun 20, 2017

From the Ming Dynasty Li Shizhen's "Compendium of Materia Medica" in the "Wujin San", humic acid substances have been used for more than 400 years of human history, Humic Acid and abroad in the discovery and extraction of humic acid has been a full 220 years The. At present, there are 70 categories of humic acid substances which have been published directly or indirectly in the world. As organic raw materials, Humic Acid it has been widely used in agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry, echelon, fishery, petroleum, chemical industry, building materials, light industry, medicine, environmental protection and so on. Many fields. At present, Humic Acid the main products for agricultural production are: fulvic acid organic - inorganic fertilizer and fulvic acid as the raw materials of the package fertilizer Kamei bonus, Jinli, profit, plant hormones, soil amendments, drought agents, pesticides by Such as agents.

Humic acid is a kind of natural organic matter. It is a product of ancient plants that decompose and synthesize microorganisms. It has weak acidity, Humic Acid water absorption, colloid, adsorption, ion exchange, complexation, redox and physiological activity. Wait. According to the size and solubility of humic acid molecular weight, divided into fulvic acid, hydrochloric acid and black fulvic acid. Humic Acid Fulvic acid is characterized by its small molecular weight, acidic groups, soluble in acid, alkali and water, easy to be plant absorption characteristics, widely used in agricultural production. Biochemical fulvic acid is purified after thorough fermentation of fulvic acid, which in addition to fulvic acid, but also contains 17 kinds of amino acids, proteins, nucleic acids, vitamins, sugars, a variety of enzymes, a variety of micronutrient elements.

In 2002, the US study of humic acid in agriculture pointed out that 50% or more of fertilizers, insecticides, fungicides, herbicides and water would be reduced if the desired humic acids were used.

Humic acid is a traditional Chinese medicine, the role of most not strong, although the quick effect, but mostly slow, the main softening of the plant conditioning, leaving the yin and yang balance, to achieve disease and improve plant vitality and immunity The

Humic acid can be the main agent and two kinds of agents into the drug, a variety of effects, can have a variety of compatibility, to use its various functions, need to have in-depth understanding of it, especially with its other pesticide compatibility Efficiency of the reduction, but also need it in-depth and appropriate understanding and superb professional and technical.

We are here to explain the humic acid substances that include humic acid, fulvic acid and its salts and biochemical fulvic acid, oxidized fulvic acid and coal degradation of fulvic acid, they are a naturally occurring organic Macromolecules, does not contain any chemical hormones, can enhance immunity, promote plant growth and development, through the promotion of enzymatic reactions, promote a variety of metabolism, control gene expression time and space, promote cell viability, promote seed germination, accelerate callus Production, and promote rooting, in which fulvic acid and plant pores to reduce the drought resistance, the soil with water retention, Humic Acid adsorption, cushioning and nitrogen can give properties, etc., mainly for the production of drought-resistant - rooting, plant growth retardants , Promote the production of agents and adjust the chemical composition of plants to improve crop quality and other effects. In addition, humic acid substances also have the growth of mediation, antibacterial disease prevention, insecticide and other diseases.

Effects and Activities of Humic Acid on Soil

1, fertilize soil fertility, improve the soil, promote the formation of agglomerate, for the crop to provide adequate water, nutrients, especially for saline to improve the effect is more obvious.

2, humic acid is nitrogen slow release agent and stabilizer, phosphate fertilizer synergist, potash protection agent, is a small nutrient element conditioning agent, Humic Acid chelating agent, the synergistic effect of fertilizer. The addition of humic acid to compound fertilizer can reduce the fixation and loss of available nutrients and increase the utilization rate. It is a good soil synergist, slow release agent and improver.

(1) to improve the utilization of nitrogen, nitrogen slow release.

(2) to reduce the soil on the available phosphorus fixation, and promote crop roots to phosphorus absorption.

(3) to reduce the soil on the absorption of potassium fixed, Humic Acid so that difficult to release potassium, improve utilization.

(4) to improve the activity of micronutrient elements in the soil.

3, to break the soil compaction, inhibition of soil-borne diseases, improve soil cushioning, adsorption, permeability, mediate soil pH, adjust the ground temperature, enhance soil water and fertilizer capacity.