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Humic Acid Variety Of Species

Oct 09, 2017

Humic acids are diverse. Natural mineral humic acid is mainly animal and animal remains after microbial decomposition of the formation of organic matter, common in soil, peat and weathered coal, the growth of plants and soil ecosystem plays an important role.

Humic acid fertilizers play a major role in humic acid, followed by some large, trace, microbial and other nutrients. Humic acid complex structure and characteristics, naturally decided to humic acid fertilizer is a multi-functional organic fertilizer. Among them, the improvement of soil properties is one of the most important role of humic acid.

Improved acid soil and saline soil

The aggregate structure is the basis of soil fertility. Local application of humic acid fertilizers proved that humic acid fertilizers can increase soil aggregate structure. According to the Chinese Academy of Sciences Shenyang ecological application test, the application of humic acid fertilizer soil water-stable aggregates increased by 10% to 20%; the application of bio-humic acid compound fertilizer test, soil water stable aggregate structure also increased significantly. After the use of fertilizer, soil loose, strong plant growth, enhanced soil resistance.

The main use of humic acid products in agriculture

1, can promote cell division and growth to stimulate the crop to take root, can be used as a natural rooting powder, can also be used for seed dressing and dip root use.

2, can greatly improve the crop sugar content, so that crops with anti-withering ability to prevent rot, root rot, reduce pests and diseases, reduce plant leaf stomatal opening strength, reduce leaf transpiration, so that the body of water to improve the situation , Is a natural strong drought resistance agent.

3, to improve the soil structure, promote the formation of soil aggregate structure, accelerate the decomposition of organic matter conversion, especially for long-term single use of chemical fertilizers, machine repair, arable land caused by significant soil improvement effect.

4, neutralize the soil pH, to reconcile the soil PH value, increase trace elements from the root to the leaves or other parts of the operation of the number of accelerated metabolism of the primary product absorption, thereby enhancing the quality of agricultural products.

Humic acid products are the main use in industry

1, briquette binder. Add a small amount of good grain, good surface distribution, so that briquette has enough hot and cold strength and stability.

2, ceramic additives. Can improve the ceramic billet strength of about 80%, plasticity index of 40% or more, can increase the mud, glaze slurry flow of more than 50%, is a good gelant, to improve the green body of blue flowers and its absorption capacity of glaze The

3, oil drilling aids. Can improve the lubrication of the wall, the anti-collapse plugging effect is significant.

4, can be used as feed, medical additives, boiler detergents and water quality stabilizer.