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Humic Acid To Play An Effective Role

May 18, 2017

Humic acid is a large molecule organic substance in nature. In various fields have application, in the grape planting process, with the fertilizer use, Humic Acid has very good effect.

1. Humic acids can play a synergistic effect on fertilizers, and in addition to the effect of adding fertilizers together, they can also solve residual fertilizer in the soil.

2. Can improve the soil aggregate structure, we ditch the application of organic fertilizer, the most important role is to increase soil permeability, Humic Acid improved soil aggregate structure, humic acid also has this characteristic.

3. Increasing the activity of beneficial microorganisms, which is why many people love to add bacterial fertilizer to base fertilizer, and humic acids can enhance their activity.

4. To improve saline soils, Humic Acid the formation of many saline soils is due to the capillarity of fine particles in the soil and the long-term accumulation of salt in fertilizer. Humic acid can promote the formation of large granular aggregates and reduce the capillarity to govern saline-alkali soil. The effect of humic acid on the dying seedling of shallow roots in saline soil is obvious.

5. Improved acidic soils, which can not only regulate the saline soil, but also improve acidic soils.

Add: It is worth mentioning that after the grape ditch, combined with humic acid treatment, not only can achieve the above advantages, but also can promote the root recovery cut off. Many enterprises are now also in the production of humic acid compound fertilizer, Humic Acid but good or bad, need to correct the right choice of products.

The term "humic acid" is still a problem. Soil scientists emphasize the microbial role of the formation process, insisting that it is called humic acid. The coal chemist, with its main evolution from the plant, is supposed to be called "humic acid." At present, Humic Acid in the field of industry application, general General "humic acid".

Because humic acids are not pure substances, they are type substances, and are complex mixtures. Its composition varies greatly from source, plus, in recent years, Humic Acid the nature of humic acid from fermentation is still defined, but it is referred to as "humic acid".

The concept of humic acids in a wide range of meanings is: the remains of animals and plants, mainly plant remains, through microbial decomposition and transformation, as well as a series of geochemical processes caused and accumulated by a class of organic substances.