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Humic Acid The Role

Jul 25, 2017

Humic acid environmental protection pesticide refers to the humic acid and pesticide through the ionic bond, hydrogen bond, proton transfer, electron transfer, Humic Acid complexation and other interactions with the way, and generate a new type of pesticide polymer complex. The study and practice show that humic acid and pesticides, fungicides, Humic Acid herbicides complex, can play a role in enhancing efficacy and reduce toxicity.

Solubilization: humic acid can play the role of surfactants, the metal salt surface tension is lower than the surface tension of water, pesticides can produce significant dispersion and emulsification effect, can improve the solubility of soluble pesticides;

Synergism: humic acid can enhance plant absorption of pesticides,Humic Acid pesticides and plant growth regulators can improve the biological activity, can significantly improve the effectiveness of pesticides;

Sustained release effect: humic acid on the decomposition rate of pesticides have a significant inhibitory effect, Humic Acid and the greater the amount of humic acid, the slower the speed;

Toxic effects: Humic acid can passivate the activities of those enzymes that are toxic to pesticides, stimulate the activity of enzymes to antagonize pesticides, Humic Acid alleviate and reduce the toxicity of pesticides.

Soil microbes are one of the important reasons in the soil composition, the transformation of soil organic matter, the circulation of nutrients, and the important bioactive substances - enzymes in the process of plant life activities. Humic acid can promote the activities of soil microbes, Humic Acid increase the number of soil microbes and enhance the activity of soil enzymes, etc., has been confirmed by a large number of research data at home and abroad. And agreed that the application of humic acid to aerobic bacteria, actinomycetes, Humic Acid the number of fiber decomposition bacteria increased more. It is beneficial to accelerate the mineralization of organic matter and promote the release of nutrients. Therefore, the application of humic acid, can control the fruit of the rot, Humic Acid yellow leaves, leaflets, fusarium wilt.

With the rapid development of China's chemical industry, the number of chemical fertilizers production and application of increasing, increasing fertilizer on the development of agricultural production has undoubtedly played an important role, but with the increase in the amount of chemical fertilizer, Humic Acid fertilizer costs, fertilizer use Rate reduction and other issues, but also gradually reflected.

At present, China's nitrogen fertilizer rate of 30-50%, phosphate utilization rate of 10-20%, potash utilization rate of 50-70%, how to improve fertilizer utilization, has become the world attaches great importance to the research topic. There are many ways to improve the utilization rate of fertilizer. Humic Acid At present, the most effective result is to use biologically active additives to activate humic acid, Humic Acid enhance its chemical activity and biological activity, such as chemical combination, adsorption, chelating, microbial propagation and so on.

Humic acid contains a variety of functional groups, Humic Acid activated humic acid into a highly efficient bioactive substances, crop growth and physiological metabolism in vivo stimulation, Humic Acid this feature is not available in general fertilizers, activated humic acid efficient biological activity Substance according to a certain concentration of soaking, dip root, dipped in roots, Humic Acid spraying, watering, so the base fertilizer, etc., on a variety of crops have obvious stimulating effect. Humic Acid Comprehensive performance in the promotion of root development, crop yield, quality factors, a good impact.