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Humic Acid The Formation Of The Structure

Oct 27, 2017

The main use of humic acid products in agriculture

1, can promote cell division and growth to stimulate the crop to take root, Humic Acid can be used as a natural rooting powder, can also be used for seed dressing and dip root use.

2, can greatly improve the crop sugar content, so that crops with anti-withering ability to prevent rot, root rot, reduce pests and diseases, reduce plant leaf stomatal opening strength, Humic Acid reduce leaf transpiration, so that the body of water to improve the situation , Is a natural strong drought resistance agent.

3, to improve the soil structure, promote the formation of soil aggregate structure, accelerate the decomposition of organic matter conversion, especially for long-term single use of chemical fertilizers, Humic Acid machine repair, arable land caused by significant soil improvement effect.

4, neutralize the soil pH, to reconcile the soil PH value, Humic Acid increase trace elements from the root to the leaves or other parts of the operation of the number of accelerated metabolism of the primary product absorption, thereby enhancing the quality of agricultural products.

1, briquette binder. Add a small amount of good grain, Humic Acid good surface distribution, so that briquette has enough hot and cold strength and stability.

2, ceramic additives. Can improve the ceramic billet strength of about 80%, plasticity index of 40% or more, can increase the mud, glaze slurry flow of more than 50%, is a good gelant, Humic Acid to improve the green body of blue flowers and its absorption capacity of glaze The

3, oil drilling aids. Can improve the lubrication of the wall, Humic Acid the anti-collapse plugging effect is significant.

4, can be used as feed, medical additives, boiler detergents and water quality stabilizer.

Humic acid is a mixture of natural organic macromolecular compounds. Widely present in nature, the proportion of humic acid in the soil is the largest, soil humic acid is physicochemical heterogeneous complex mixture of molecular weight is polydisperse, the mixture is natural, Humic Acid high molecular weight, yellow to black, Amorphous, colloidal, fatty and aromatic organic polyelectrolyte composition, can not use a single chemical structure that.

1, the whole process of green food, quality control technology system, the whole has reached the EU, the United States, Japan and other developed countries, food quality and safety standards, has been in international standards, but how to produce green and safe food, the fundamental problem lies in how to overcome and To prevent the problem of soil pollution From the perspective of fertilization, we must adhere to the combination of organic and inorganic fertilizers, Humic Acid the use of humic acid fertilizer is the only choice, humic acid and fertilizer can be combined to achieve 1 +1> 2 integrated effect.

2, a large number of studies have shown that humic acid is a friend of inorganic fertilizers, nitrogen fertilizer is the slow release agent and stabilizer, Humic Acid phosphate fertilizer synergist, potash protection agent, is the trace element of the regulator and chelating agent, Acid has a significant synergistic effect on fertilizer, is the world's fertilizer in the Everest.

3, the future direction of development of humic acid fertilizers are: intelligent, Humic Acid professional, composite, long-term, granular and regional fool fat.

It can be seen that the development and application of humic acid fertilizers is broad prospects. Only humic acid fertilizers can be used to realize the greening of agricultural fertilizers in order to promote and promote the production and development of green agricultural products.