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Humic Acid The Best Effect

Aug 02, 2017

First, the humic acid fertilizer is selected according to the application method. If used as impulse, drip irrigation or foliar spraying, it is recommended to use potassium humate, Humic Acid ammonium humate or fulvic acid, ammonium fenvalerate. If used as a base fertilizer application, Humic Acid it is recommended to choose ammonium humic acid or ammonium nitrate humate and other fertilizers, the application should pay attention to buried in the soil, because the humic acid ammonium and ammonium bicarbonate is a product of the combination, Humic Acid easy to volatilize, Shi or leaf spray. In addition, do not administer sodium humate in soils with high pH (saline).

Second, according to crop preferences and growth nodes choose humic acid fertilizer. To fruit trees, for example, the emphasis on fertilization in the fall of fertilizers, potash fertilizer, Humic Acid spring fertilization focus on nitrogen fertilizer, germination differentiation focus on phosphate fertilizer and potash fertilizer, to the fruit enlargement period will need to focus on nitrogen fertilizer, Humic Acid potash fertilizer, calcium fertilizer and micro-fertilizer. In addition, but also with the preferences of crops fertilization. For example, fruit trees, eggplant vegetables, tobacco, sugar cane, etc. are hi potassium crops, Humic Acid the best application of potassium humate fertilizer.

Finally, humic acid fertilizers are selected based on crop category and cost. Humic Acid Humic acid fertilizer according to the type and quantity of nutrients are divided into humic acid element fertilizer, humic acid compound (mixed) fertilizer, humic acid organic fertilizer, humic acid organic - inorganic compound fertilizer, humic acid trace fertilizer.

For the vegetable and fruit trees, you can choose humic acid organic fertilizer, humic acid organic - inorganic compound fertilizer or humic acid trace elements in the fertilizer, Humic Acid these fertilizers, the use of humic acid, In the organic matter can reach 20% to 45%, can effectively improve the crop taste and color. If used as a spray or foliage spray, it is recommended to choose humic acid or fulvic acid-containing water-soluble fertilizer, although the higher prices of these fertilizers, but quick, effective, and therefore used for higher value of economic crops. Although humic acid can be used in the whole growth period of the crop, Humic Acid but for economic reasons, after the crop transplanting, before the flower, swell, turn color four key period of each impulse 1 ~ 2 times, swelling and color Combined with the spraying effect will be better.

From the Ming Dynasty Li Shizhen's "Compendium of Materia Medica" in the "Wu Jin San", the humic acid material has been human application has been 400 years of history, in the country humic acid was found and extracted from a full 220 years The. At present the world has published direct or indirect application of humic acid substances 70 categories, as organic raw materials have been widely used in agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry, vice, fishing, petroleum, chemical, building materials, light industry, medicine, Humic Acid environmental protection Many fields. At present, the main products for agricultural production are: fulvic acid organic - inorganic fertilizer and fulvic acid as the raw materials of the package fertilizer Kamei bonus, Jinli, profit, plant hormones, Humic Acid soil amendments, drought agents, pesticides by Such as agents.

Humic acid is a kind of natural organic matter. It is a product of ancient plant that decomposes and synthesizes microorganisms. It has weak acidity, water absorption, Humic Acid colloid, adsorption, ion exchange, complexation, redox and physiological activity. Wait. According to the size and solubility of humic acid molecular weight, divided into fulvic acid, hydrochloric acid and black fulvic acid. Humic Acid Fulvic acid is characterized by its small molecular weight, acidic groups, soluble in acid, alkali and water, easy to be plant absorption characteristics, widely used in agricultural production. Biochemical fulvic acid is purified after thorough fermentation of fulvic acid, which in addition to containing fulvic acid, Humic Acid but also contains 17 kinds of amino acids, proteins, nucleic acids, vitamins, sugars, a variety of enzymes, a variety of micronutrient elements.

Humic acid is a traditional Chinese medicine, Humic Acid the role of most not strong, although the quick effect, but mostly slow, the main softening of the plant conditioning, leaving the balance of yin and yang, to achieve the treatment of disease and improve plant vitality and immunity The