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Humic Acid Repair The Soil

Sep 04, 2017

Soil remediation refers to the use of physical, chemical and biological methods to transfer, absorb, degrade and convert contaminants in the soil, reduce its concentration to an acceptable level, or convert toxic and harmful contaminants into harmless substances. In the soil repair industry, the existing soil repair technology to more than 100 kinds of commonly used technology has more than 10 kinds, can be divided into physical, chemical and biological three methods.

Fundamentally, the technical principles of contaminated soil remediation may include:

(1) to change the presence of pollutants in the soil or the combination with the soil, reducing its migration in the environment and bioavailability;

(2) reduce the concentration of harmful substances in the soil.

In the process of soil pollution control, soil improvement, humic acid shows a better and better effect.

Why is humic acid?

Humic acid is a macromolecule organic substance widely found in nature.

Humic acid is a plant and animal remains, mainly the remains of plants, through the decomposition and transformation of microorganisms, as well as a series of geochemical processes caused and accumulated a class of organic matter. Some of the fermentation processes in modern industry can also produce humic acid.

Humic acid raw material sources can be divided into two categories: coal and non-coal substances.

The former mainly include peat, lignite and weathered coal; among them, humic acid content of 10-80%.

China's coal reserves are very rich, according to information, there are 5 billion tons of peat, lignite 126.5 million tons, weathered coal is still no statistical data.

The latter includes soil, water, fungi and other non-coal substances, such as phenols, quinones, carbohydrates and other substances, they are bio-fermentation, oxidation or synthesis can produce humic substances, such as the market now, The resulting humic acid.

Humic acid is the main component of humus, chemical structure is complex, is a containing carboxyl, phenol, ketone, phenolic hydroxyl and other active functional groups of the mixture, humic acid special structure and physical and chemical properties of its decision in the ecological restoration On the important role.

How humic acid fixes soil

Humic acid on the "heavy metal and toxic organic pollutants" contaminated soil remediation mainly include: humic acid on heavy metals and organic matter adsorption precipitation; redox; and humic acid can promote soil microorganisms on organic pollutants degradation.