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Humic Acid Fertilizer Effect Is More Significant

Oct 19, 2017

Humic acid fertilizers are suitable for all kinds of soil, Humic Acid but under different soil conditions, the yield effect is different. Production test proved:

① lack of organic matter in the barren and low yield field, Humic Acid the application of humic acid fertilizer yield increase; fertile soil in high yield fertilizers on the application of humic acid fertilizer, but also increase the yield, but the rate is relatively poor barren soil.

② poor structure of sand, saline soil, acid red soil soil humic acid fertilizer, yield effect is particularly evident.

(3) Soil nutrient content had a great effect on the yield of humic acid fertilizer. The results showed that the yield of ammonium humic acid was higher than that of humic acid, Humic Acid and the effect of humic acid and phosphorus on the soil was low. Less, nitrogen and phosphorus serious imbalance in the soil, or on the soil is more stable on the soil, the fertilizer effect is more significant.

④ humid acid, humic acid fertilizer, humic acid fertilizer can absorb water, improve the breathable condition, the emergence of crops, hair root favorable; dry and dry land, humic acid, Humic Acid humic acid fertilizer can absorb water, water, Maintain soil moisture, reduce evaporation, and enhance crop drought resistance. It should be noted that humic acid fertilizer is hi water fertilizer, Humic Acid Humic Acid dry soil with irrigation, the effect will be better.

First, the humic acid fertilizer is selected according to the application method. If used as Chong Shi, drip irrigation or foliar spraying, it is recommended to use potassium humate, ammonium humate or potassium fulvate, ammonium fenvalerate. If used as a base fertilizer application, Humic Acid it is recommended to choose ammonium humic acid or ammonium nitrate humate and other fertilizers, the application should pay attention to buried in the soil, because the humic acid ammonium and ammonium bicarbonate is the product of the combination, easy to volatilize, Shi or leaf spray. In addition, do not administer sodium humate in soils with high pH (saline).

Second, according to crop preferences and growth nodes choose humic acid fertilizer. To fruit trees, for example, the emphasis on fertilization in the fall of fertilizers, Humic Acid potash fertilizer, spring fertilization focus on nitrogen fertilizer, germination and differentiation of the focus on phosphate fertilizer and potash fertilizer to the fruit expansion period will need to focus on nitrogen fertilizer, potash fertilizer, calcium fertilizer and micro-fertilizer. In addition, but also with the preferences of crops fertilization. For example, fruit trees, eggplant vegetables, tobacco, sugar cane, etc. are hi potassium crops, the best application of potassium humate fertilizer.

Finally, humic acid fertilizers are selected based on crop category and cost. Humic Acid Humic acid fertilizer according to the type and quantity of nutrients are divided into humic acid element fertilizer, humic acid compound (mixed) fertilizer, humic acid organic fertilizer, humic acid organic - inorganic compound fertilizer, humic acid trace elements fertilizer.

For the vegetable and fruit trees, Humic Acid you can choose humic acid organic fertilizer, humic acid organic - inorganic compound fertilizer or humic acid trace elements in the fertilizer, these fertilizers, the use of humic acid, In the organic matter can reach 20% to 45%, can effectively improve the crop taste and color.