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Humic Acid Application In Production

Jun 06, 2017

Humic acid is often only used as the main component of soil organic matter in fruit production, and most fruit growers lack sufficient knowledge and research on its nature, function and application. Humic Acid Therefore, according to the research results of China's humic Acid Industry association at home and abroad, in combination with fruit production and fruit tree fertility, the application of humic acid in fruit production is summarized as follows:

Humic acid (Humic acid, abbreviated ha), Humic Acid commonly considered to be a group of compounds containing an aromatic structure that is similar in nature to an amorphous acidic substance. Humic acid is dynamic, plant residues (mainly plant residues) through microbial and geochemical decomposition and synthesis of a class of natural organic macromolecule polymers, mainly by carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, phosphorus, sulfur and other elements, in addition, also contains a small amount of calcium, magnesium, iron, silicon and other elements. The molecular structure is very complex, with aromatic nuclei as the main body, with a variety of functional groups, mainly hydroxyl, phenolic hydroxyl, quinone, alcohol hydroxyl, non quinone carbon-based, methoxy, etc. Humic acids are often referred to as humic acids, and fulvic acid is also included.

Humic acid is brown to black loose powdery matter, Humic Acid easy soluble in strong alkaline and ethyl two amine nitrogen-containing polar organic solvents. Fulvic acid can dissolve in water and any organic solvents such as alkaline, acidic solution and ethanol. Humic acid has the characteristics of colloid chemistry, surface activity, weak acidity and acidic functional groups, ion exchange, Complexation chelate, redox, Humic Acid chemical stability, photodegradation, chemical modification, and biological activity.

Humic substances are widely used in soil, coal, water and other natural environments. The natural humic acid can be divided into soil humic acid, humic acid, humic acid and so on in existence field. Because humic acid has special function, it plays a unique role in sand control, soil amelioration, urban sewage treatment, ecological agriculture construction, green agricultural product production, medicine and health products development. Humic Acid The mainstream of humic substances in the environment has a protective effect on biological and human health, but it also has certain toxicity and pathogenic factors and must be used rationally. At present, the main products developed in the fruit industry are fertilizers, pesticides, water absorbent and so on.

Humic pesticide pesticide has become the focus of the public on fruit safety and environmental safety, so it is urgent to develop green pesticide with high efficiency, low toxicity, safety and economy in fruit trees. Humic acid pesticide is a pesticide complex composed of humic acid and pesticide, which has the dual characteristics of humic acid and pesticide, and is a kind of new pesticide of green fruit tree Humic acid compounds are a kind of material with large internal surface area and strong adsorption. The chemical pesticides have the functions of slow-release and synergism, reduce toxicity, stabilize adsorption and reduce dosage.

Humic acid water Retaining agent is the basic raw material of humic acid. The humic acid water retaining agent, which was developed by graft Copolymerization, was $number times and 120 times times more than that in pure and normal saline, and had obvious effect of drought-resistant and increasing water utilization.