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How To Use Foliar Fertilizer

Apr 24, 2019


Foliar fertilizer is very popular because of its small dosage, good effect, quick effect and convenient application. Foliar fertilizer in the use of the process if the amount and way to master the bad, will also appear fertilizer damage. The spraying concentration of conventional fertilizer is directly related to the effect of spraying. If the concentration of solution is too high, it will easily burn the crop leaves after spraying. The solution concentration is too low, which not only increases the workload, but also fails to meet the requirements of supplementary crop nutrition.

First, the use of foliar fertilizer errors:

M1: you can apply foliar fertilizer at any time

Some farmers can't hold on to the critical spraying period and thus cannot achieve the intended effect. Some farmer thinks, in plant growth any period of development, any time can carry out foliar gush fertilizer, also incorrect actually.

Foliar spray fertilizer is best in the crop growth transition period, each spray time at least 20 days interval, generally every crop spray 2~3 times. Different plants, different fertilizer foliar spray fertilizer, the appropriate period also has a certain difference. Rice, corn, wheat and other cereal crops, suitable in the booting, yanghua, grouting period fertilizer spraying.

M2, as long as the soluble fertilizer can be sprayed!

Some farmers like several kinds of leaf fertilizer added together when they spray fertilizer on crops and vegetables, thinking that the more complete the effect is, the better. Many farmers think that no matter what kind of fertilizer, as long as the water solubility is good, it can be applied as leaf fertilizer, but it is not.

For example, highly volatile fertilizers such as ammonia and ammonium bicarbonate, if applied as foliar fertilizer, high temperature will cause damage to crops and burn the leaves after spraying, so it cannot be applied as foliar fertilizer. And a lot of small fertilizer cannot be mixed with pesticide apply, acid fertilizer and alkalescent fertilizer cannot mix gush to use, should have specific aim to undertake mix match mix apply, have "gush to apply, a variety of effects" effect, can backfire otherwise. 

M3, The higher the concentration, the better!

Some farmers think that the higher the concentration of fertilizer spray solution on the leaf surface, the better. This is not true. Under the situation of too thick not only can not spray fertilizer, on the contrary will cause crop leaves dehydration, wilt, leading to fertilizer damage, that is, similar to drug damage, poison. Generally, spray to the positive and negative sides of the leaf to spread fertilizer to start dropping.

Second, when is foliar fertilizer used best?

The effect of foliar fertilization has a direct relationship with temperature, humidity, wind, etc., the best choice for foliar spraying is no wind overcast days or large humidity, small evaporation before 9 a.m., the most appropriate is after 4 p.m., if it rains 3~4 hours after the spraying, then need to spray.

In addition, foliar fertilizer is not recommended for these three conditions:

(1) flowering period of crops; The flower is delicate, use foliar face fertilizer to suffer fertilizer easily harm;

(2) seedling stage using foliar fertilizer is easy to damage the seedling;

(3) in a day of high temperature and bright light period of leaf fertilizer effect.

Folior fertilization, which allows nutrients to enter the body directly from the leaves, is involved in the metabolism of crops and the synthesis of organic compounds, and is therefore more efficient than soil fertilization. Therefore, it is often used as an effective measure to treat crop deficiency disease in time. When applying fertilizer, it can also spray supplementary fertilizer in stages according to the growth period of crops, seedling situation and actual fertilizer supply situation of soil, giving full play to the characteristics of rapid response of foliar fertilizer, so as to ensure the normal growth and development of crops under suitable fertilizer and water conditions, so as to achieve high yield and high quality. So reasonable use foliar fertilizer is particularly important!

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