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How To Recognize The Benefits Of Water-soluble Fertilizers

Dec 27, 2018

Water-soluble fertilizer is a kind of multi-element compound fertilizer that can be quickly and completely dissolved in water. Due to its high absorption rate and convenient use, more and more farmers are using water-soluble fertilizer, and it has the characteristics of green, environmental protection and high efficiency. In recent years, in some areas with high vegetable concentration, the sales volume of water-soluble fertilizer has increased linearly due to the substantial increase in income benefits, and more and more growers have realized its powerful effect. Therefore, the development prospect is still worth our expectation.


1. Types of water-soluble fertilizers

Water-soluble fertilizers can be divided into three categories according to the use mode:

1) To flush fertilization, including liquid fertilizer and solid granule fertilizer two;

2) Drip irrigation fertilizer, mainly liquid fertilizer, because of the need for a complete set of drip irrigation or spraying facilities, there is a certain requirement for the accuracy of fertilizer, generally wet soil layer 15-20 cm.

3) It is foliar gush apply fertilizer, it is gush apply fertilizer again, with common foliar fertilizer distinction is, contain the microelement that crop needs not only, also include the medium and large amount element that crop grows normally to need, use a method to be opposite even gush water by dilution multiple apply.

2. Advantages of using water-soluble fertilizers

1) easy to use, no need to dig soil fertilization

Cash crops, especially greenhouse vegetables, need a lot of nutritional supplements in the growth process, base fertilizer + topdressing is essential. Whether it is irrigation, drip irrigation or spraying, the improvement of convenience has also saved some labor costs and greatly promoted the development of agriculture.

2) completely supplement a large number of trace elements in the growth process of crops

Crop quality is good, all sorts of nutrition element cannot little. All sorts of nutrition element differ because itself is in the action inside plant body, show a place and the result that get differ somewhat, if leaf yellows, be short of nitrogen, be short of magnesium commonly, the element that affects flower and fruit is phosphor potassium boron calcium, want to have understanding to crop be short of element symptom, take effective measure to solve a problem, avoid to affect final result.

According to the different requirements of nutrient elements for different growth periods of crops, the selection of water-soluble fertilizer content is adjusted to achieve the purposes of root-strengthening trees, flower protection and fruit promotion, increasing yield and quality, promoting early listing, preventing premature aging, etc., so as to guarantee the high yield and income of crops.

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3) improve the soil

The adjustment of soil acidity and alkalinity is also a major effect of water-soluble fertilizers. The PH value of soil determines the absorption rate of nutrients by crops. For example, acidic soil is good for iron absorption, while potassium has a high absorption rate under alkaline environment.

4) prevent disease, prevent stubble, prevent root nematode

With the integration of high-tech technology, water-soluble fertilizer, by adding a variety of enzymes and beneficial bacteria, can shape the balance of nutrients in soil, which is not only to supplement the nutrients needed in the process of crop growth, but also to improve the soil in a balanced way from various aspects. It is a kind of good product worthy of our vigorous promotion.

3. Matters needing attention in the application of water-soluble fertilizer

1)Choose according to the soil condition

Soil is divided into sandy soil, clay soil and loam according to its quality. Loam is the most suitable natural soil for crop growth. Due to the low content of organic matter in sandy soil, non-nitrate nitrogen fertilizer with low concentration should be selected to avoid water loss and increase salinization when washing water-soluble fertilizer. It is better to combine with organic fertilizer containing humic acid to improve the content of soil organic matter and increase the nutrition required by crops. The application of water-soluble fertilizer should be neutralized according to the acidity of the soil, and the corresponding alkaline or acidic water-soluble fertilizer should be selected to adjust the PH value of the soil to neutral, which is conducive to the balanced absorption of nutrients in crops.

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2) according to different crops, different growth period selection

Crop and crop growth period are different, the need for medium and large amount of element nutrition is not the same, so the selection should be targeted, such as unlimited growth vegetables seedling stage generally choose root control of low concentration of nitrogen and potassium fertilizer, fruit after the selection of high concentration of nitrogen and potassium fertilizer; Leaf vegetables like high nitrogen fertilizer, is conducive to the effective supply of nutrients.

3) to eliminate the use of water-soluble hormone fertilizer

Farmers appreciate products with quick results, for the crops absorb nutrients and display, need certain process and time, in terms of choice of water soluble fertilizer is absolutely forbidden to get effective fast, a day or two will often contains hormone-like ingredients, stimulate crop is only temporary, there will be a hollow, dehiscent fruit, deformity, not resistant to storage, such as negative effect, need to be careful.