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How To Look At The Development Trend And Prospect Of Organic Fertilizer?

Sep 28, 2018

Fertilizer, as an important part of agricultural production, not only affects the development of agriculture, but also determines the benefits brought by the development of People's Daily life. In the process of using chemical fertilizer, it brings remarkable advantage to agriculture, but also causes certain pollution to environment. 

What should be the future trend of fertilizer development? It is worth considering its development prospect.


To solve the problem of grain production and feed the people, China is actively promoting the development of fertilizer industry. Through the study of advanced production technology and agrochemical service system of foreign fertilizer enterprises, a number of advanced state-owned, public-private and private fertilizer enterprises have risen up and promoted the development of China's fertilizer industry. However, with the upgrading of private consumption and the advancement of supply-side structural reform in agriculture, new requirements have been put forward for grain, which is no longer just output but more quality. Therefore, the development of fertilizer industry has met new opportunities and challenges.

At present, China's fertilizer industry pattern is constantly expanding, no longer a single fertilizer, nitrogen fertilizer, potash fertilizer, phosphate fertilizer, micronutrient fertilizer, compound fertilizer,organic fertilizer and other various fertilizers appear. Changes in agricultural production tools have given new options for fertilizers.Water soluble fertilizer,Foliar fertilizer and other fertilizer new category of growth point. The elimination of enterprises with backward technology and serious pollution has also prompted the manufacturers to transform and develop new and efficient fertilizers such as compound fertilizer, controlled release fertilizer, biological fertilizer, water-soluble fertilizer and foliar fertilizer.

On the other hand, with the improvement of people's environmental requirements for daily life, the demand for vegetables and fruits grows, and food safety becomes more important. Traditional fertilizer enterprises have not adapted to the development of The Times. The new generation of slow-release fertilizer, water-soluble fertilizer, foliar fertilizer, microbial compound fertilizer, organic compound fertilizer, humic acid fertilizer, etc. play an important role in the future agricultural development.


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