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How To Apply Organic Fertilizer

May 11, 2018


Biological organic fertilizer is widely applied in the world, with some countries applying 45%~60% and America 50%. The application amount of organic fertilizer in China accounts for only 25% of the total amount of fertilizer application, of which only 1%~2% is produced in the factory. At present, the total number of bio-fertilizer enterprises has exceeded 850, and the annual output is about 8.5 million tons. In recent years, China's bio-organic fertilizer market will grow at a rate of 5% annually, playing an important role in agricultural production and promoting the development of agriculture.


How to use organic fertilizer

1)Add organic fertilizer, reduce fertilizer

  Comprehensive supply nutrients required for crop growth: fertilizer nutrient content is high, the fertilizer effect is fast, but the duration of the short, single nutrients, organic fertilizer on the contrary, a mixture of organic manure and chemical fertilizer can complement each other, meet the needs of the crop nutrient for the season with.

2)Conserve nutrients, reduce loss, and improve crop absorption of nutrients

  The chemical fertilizer solubility is large, which causes high osmotic pressure on the soil after application, which affects the absorption of nutrients and water and increases the chances of nutrient loss. If combined with organic fertilizer, it can overcome this drawback and promote the absorption of nutrients and water.

3)Effectively adjust soil ph and improve soil structure.

  Alkaline soils have a single acidic chemical fertilizer. After ammonium is absorbed by the plant, the remaining acid is combined with the acid produced by the hydrogen ions in the soil, which can lead to the increase of acidity and aggravation of the soil. If combined with organic fertilizer, it can improve the buffer capacity of soil, effectively adjust the ph value, so that the acidity of soil will not increase.

4)Accelerate the formation of soil aggregates and improve the physical and chemical properties of soil.

  Organic - inorganic aggregate is important index of soil fertility its content, the more the better the soil physical properties, soil is fertile, soil conservation, water, fertilizer ability stronger, the better the performance of ventilation, the more conducive to crop root growth.