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Give Priority To With Organic Fertilizer And Fertilizer Is Auxiliary

Oct 10, 2018

"give priority to with organic fertilizer, fertilizer is auxiliary" fertilizer principle, just be at present most reasonable fertilizer way!

In the UK, France, Japan and other countries, they have reduced the use of fertilizers, mainly organic fertilizers. Although the use of fertilizers and pesticides has been greatly reduced, the yield of grains has increased and the quality is much better than before.


Organic fertilizer with fertilizer has 5 big benefits!

Benefit 1: fertilizer nutrient content is high, fertilizer effect is fast, but lasting time is short, nutrient is onefold, organic fertilizer is opposite, organic fertilizer and fertilizer are mixed use can take advantage to make up short, satisfy crop each growing period to need nutrient.

Benefit 2: when fertilizer is applied to the soil, some nutrients are absorbed or fixed by the soil, which reduces the effectiveness of nutrients. When combined with fertilizer from farmers and farmers, it can reduce the contact surface between fertilizer and soil, reduce the probability that fertilizer is fixed by soil, and improve the availability of nutrients.

Benefit 3: general fertilizer solubility is large, which will cause higher osmotic pressure on soil after application, which will affect the absorption of nutrients and water of crops and increase the opportunity of nutrient loss. When used in combination with organic fertilizers, it can overcome this disadvantage and promote the absorption of nutrients and water in crops.

Benefit 4: if alkaline soil is applied solely acidic fertilizer, after ammonium is absorbed by plants, the remaining acid roots bind to hydrogen ions in soil to form acids, which will lead to increased acidity and soil hardening. If mix with organic fertilizer collocation, can raise the buffer capacity of soil, adjust ph value effectively, make soil acidity not heighten.

Advantage 5: because organic fertilizer is the energy of microbial life, fertilizer is the inorganic nutrition that supplies microbial growth and development. The combination of the two can promote the vitality of microorganisms and further promote the decomposition of organic fertilizers. The activity of soil microorganism can also produce vitamin, biotin, nicotinic acid and so on, increase soil nutrients, improve soil vitality and promote the growth of crops.

Therefore, we suggest to replace some fertilizers with organic fertilizers, reduce the amount of fertilizers and increase the amount of organic fertilizers. The combination of organic and inorganic fertilizers is the scientific strategy of agricultural fertilization at present, and also the direction and trend of current and future fertilization.


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