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Fulvic Acid Benefits For Plants

Sep 04, 2019

Fulvic acid is a plant growth regulator, which can promote plant growth, play an important role in drought resistance, improve plant stress resistance, increase yield and improve quality. 

The main application objects are wheat, corn, sweet potato, millet, rice, cotton, peanut, rape, tobacco, sericulture, melon and fruit, vegetables, etc.

  1. It can be used as liquid compound fertilizer. It belongs to high -tech, multi -trace elements and other effective components.

  2. For spraying crops, drought resistance, dry and hot wind resistance. 

  3. For spraying apples, grapes, peanuts, watermelons, vegetables, tea and other cash crops on the leaves, sugar content can be increased by 2-4 degrees, the quality of fruits can be improved.

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