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How do you know about Fulvic Acid

Sep 05, 2018

Recently, the journal humic acid published an article titled "the effect of fulvic acid on nitrogen fixation efficiency and yield of alfalfa", and the results showed that fulvic acid had three significant effects.

1) Application of fulvic acid can increase the number and fresh weight of alfalfa root nodules.

2) Application of fulvic acid can significantly improve the activity of nitrogen-fixing enzymes of alfalfa root nodules and is higher than that of rhizobia inoculation, indicating that application of fulvic acid can not only promote the formation of alfalfa and indigenous rhizobia, but also improve the efficiency of nitrogen fixation of unit mass root nodules.

3) Application of fulvic acid can promote the continuous increase of alfalfa yield.

Fulvic Acid Powder

It has higher bioactive groups, and strong chelating to the trace elements. It is highly recommended to apply as the pesticide adjuvant, increase the pesticide efficiency, or to formulate high concentrated foliar fertilizer & flush fertilizer.