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Five Mistakes In Fruit Tree Fertilization

Nov 08, 2018

1) The closer the fertilizing spot is to the tree, the better.

Many fruit farmers believe that the fertilization is far from the tree, the root absorption is poor, and the nutrient utilization is not available, so the fertilization is very close to the tree. Some are less than half a meter from the neck of the root, and even dig out the backbone root. As a result, the burning phenomenon of injured roots often occurs, and the effect is often counterproductive.

2) The more the better.

Some fruit farmers do not decide the amount of fertilizer application on the basis of the type of fertilizer, the strength of tree potential, the size of tree body, the amount of yield, and the conditions of soil fertility. The result is an imbalance between the supply and demand of nutrients in the tree body, the burning of the root dead tree in the heavy, the breeding of diseases and insects, the imbalance between the growth of nutrition and reproduction in the light, and only the long tree, with little or no results.

3) Fertilizing time by busy.

Some fruit is not based on fruit trees fertilization fertilizer period, but according to the labor busy idle fertilization, "fertilizer trees have no empty, idle fertilizer trees do not need to", should spring fertilizer to summer fertilization, fertilization should fall fertilization into winter, should be after before flower fertilizer into fertilizer, fruit after fat into the fat, after missed the best fertilizer, fruit trees at a discount greatly increase yield.

4) The fertilization type is determined at will.

The orchard autumn base fertilizer and the wheat field autumn sowing fertilization conflict, many fruit farmers will use fertilizer to replace the base fertilizer at will, or the crop straw not decomposed to replace the manure and other farm manure, and so on.

5) Heavy ground light ground fertilize.

Many fruit farmers are accustomed to underground fertilization, and they have little or no understanding of the effect of applying fertilizer on the ground, namely, leaf spraying, leading to serious physiological diseases such as yellow leaf disease, lobular disease, fruiting disease, and early defoliation disease.


Where is the best place to fertilize the fruit trees?

1. Apply fertilizer to fruit trees. First of all, it should be known that fruit trees are mainly completed by root hairs in the root system.

2. The fertilizer applied to fruit trees should be mainly at the projection edge of the canopy or a little distance from the tree trunk, not too close to the tree trunk, because the tree trunk is a thick root with less fine roots and root hairs, which is not conducive to the absorption of fertilizer.

3. The following principles should be mastered in depth for applying fertilizer in fruit trees: the fruit trees with deep root distribution should be applied in appropriate depth, while the opposite should be applied in shallow depth; The organic fertilizer decomposes slowly, but the supply fertilizer period is longer, can be applied deeply, the fertilizer mobility is large, can be applied shallow; If the deep root fruit trees such as pear tree, apply organic fertilizer, the depth should be 40-60 cm, and for the shallow root fruit trees such as plum tree apply organic fertilizer, the depth should be 30-40 cm. After fertilizing, apply new lipid membrane to improve the fertilizer effect.

4. Apply fertilizer to fruit trees, which can be applied to sealed or densely planted orchards with shallow application between rows and plants, preferably with little or no damage to large roots, so as to fully exert the fertilizer effect, improve the utilization rate of fertilizer, and achieve the purpose of increasing yield and income.


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