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Fertilizer Is More Effective Than Pesticide

Apr 28, 2019


China is facing a rapid rise in the resistance of harmful organisms, and experts are calling for the consequences of "no drugs available" if the situation continues. Therefore, we need to reduce the dependence on pesticides in daily production. In addition to replacing chemical drugs with biological pesticides, there is another safe and effective method available.


Potassium fertilizer--potassium humate fertilizer can enhance the stress resistance of crops, and can inhibit the occurrence of various crop diseases and insect pests. Plant ash is the most frequently used potash fertilizer in crop pest control. If use plant ash 10 kilograms to water 50 kilograms, after immersing 24 hours, filter takes filtrate spray, can kill aphids on crop effectively. For fruit trees with root rot, first dig up the root soil, scrape off the root bark, then slightly air and then each plant is buried with 2.5-5 kg of plant ash, after 1-2 months, the diseased tree can send out new roots.

Organic fertilizer -- organic fertilizer can supplement the soil organic matter, make the beneficial microorganisms reproduce, inhibit the pathogenic bacteria in the soil, improve the soil, adjust the acid-base balance, make the soil environment more suitable for vegetable growth, reduce the occurrence of diseases and insect pests.

Bioorganic fertilizer -- the new bioorganic fertilizer on the market now has the function of "integration of medicine and fertilizer", and has added the microorganism bacteria for pest control, such as the biological fertilizer with the addition of lilac and purple spore for the control of root knot nematode, and the biological fertilizer with the addition of green metarhizium metarhizium for the control of grubs.

Rational use of organic fertilizers and bio-organic fertilizers is not only economical, safe and effective in preventing and controlling crop diseases and insect pests, but also has the characteristics of fertilizing function, not harming natural enemies and not polluting the environment.

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