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Home Flowers Commonly Used Organic Fertilizer

Aug 08, 2018

Organic fertilizer is very good for the growth and development of flowers and trees. In addition to being decomposed by microorganisms and released by nutrients to be absorbed by roots, it can also improve the structure of soil, increase the water-keeping and fertilizer keeping and permeability of soil. There are many kinds of organic fertilizers, which can be divided into animal organic fertilizers and plant organic fertilizers. 


The main organic fertilizers are introduced as follows:

First, manure: the dung of domestic animals, mixed with the remaining forage or feed. There is much nitrogen, but also some phosphorus and potassium.

Second, chicken and duck dung: chicken and other poultry dung is the main source of phosphate fertilizer, suitable for all kinds of flowers, especially for fruit-watching flowers.

The third, plant ash: will dry branch weeds, such as burned ash, containing more potassium, is the main source of potash. It's an alkaline fertilizer.

Fourth, peanut bran or peanut cake: more nitrogen, but also contains phosphorus and potassium. Clean and sanitary than animal feces.

Bone meal is one of the main sources of phosphate fertilizer.

Family gardening, especially in cities, often makes some gardeners feel unable to get organic fertilizer. In fact, as long as the attention is often timely collection, can produce organic fertilizer. If vegetable leaf, bean husk, melon peel can be put inside jar altar, add cover seal, after 2 ~ 3 months ferment decomposes, be very good fertilizer. The deteriorated soya beans, peanuts and other cooked, as well as fish entrails, fish bones, etc., in the tank added water after fermentation and decay, can also become efficient, non-low content of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium quality organic fertilizer. Be sure to note that only when it is ripe can it be used.