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The Farm Is Busy During The Mango Season

Jun 06, 2018


With the advent of the "grain in ear" solar term, farmers seize the favorable opportunity to accelerate the tilling and leveling of paddy fields and the planting of single-season rice.


In the vegetable garden in the south of China, there is plenty of light and heat, water and fertilizer. At this time, the vegetables are both rich and fresh.

More and more fruits in the season, loquat yellow, litchi red, mulberries and yangmei are all purple. Since ancient times south plum north apricot, this season southern plum and northern apricot are ripe. Green plum fresh fruit acerbity, need processing edible, it is boiled plum, the most famous allusion is "green plum boil wine theory hero".

In the south, the late rice was planted and the middle rice was planted. In the north, the wind blows the waves of wheat and the land is golden.