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Does Cherry Prefer Organic Fertilizer Or Compound Fertilizer?

May 30, 2018


Organic fertilizers contain a lot of biological material, animal and plant residues, waste, waste material, such as application of organic manure not only provide comprehensive nutrition for crops, and long fertilizer effect, can increase and update the soil organic matter, promote microbial breeding, improving soil physical and chemical properties and biological activity.

Compound fertilizer is inorganic, usually high - content chemical fertilizer made by physical or chemical synthesis. It is very important to balance fertilization, improve fertilizer utilization and promote high yield and stable yield of crops.

When it comes to the two fertilizers, our suggestion is to use more organic fertilizers. Because the limiting condition of compound fertilizer is more than that of organic fertilizer. Its nutrient ratios are always fixed, and the types, amounts and proportions of nutrients required by different soils and crops are varied. Before use, soil measurement should be carried out to understand the texture and nutritional status of the soil in the field. In addition, it should be combined with unit fertilizers to achieve better results. In fact, these two fertilizers can also be used together, compound fertilizers and organic fertilizers can be applied together to improve the fertilizer efficiency and nutrient utilization rate. The application of organic fertilizers not only improves the soil and activates beneficial microorganisms in the soil, but also saves energy and reduces environmental pollution. The application of some bioorganic fertilizers can not only avoid the complicated process of traditional organic fertilizers production, but also provide the soil with a large number of beneficial microorganisms to activate soil nutrients and reduce the barrier of continuous cropping. A normal dose does not hurt the plant's roots. However, too much organic fertilizer will burn the roots. Organic fertilizers have been fermented for a long time, and the content of inorganic salts in them has not been low. Therefore, if more fertilization is applied, the concentration of ions in the roots will definitely be too high and root burning will occur. But there's no burning of plants.

1. The fertilizer effect of organic fertilizer is stable and mild, and the change of soil solubility is relatively slow, which will not lead to the death of plant dehydration.

2. Organic fertilizers are processed by high temperature and aging fermentation, and applied to the soil, unlike unprocessed farm manure, will be nauseated and fermented, and the roots of rotting plants will rot.


What if the amount is too much?

1. The ventilation should be strengthened to avoid the spread of air pollution. The ammonia produced by organic fertilizers in the aging process will not be released, which will easily destroy the vegetables. Therefore, when the phenomenon of smoking seedlings occurs, the number and time of ventilation should be increased, so that the ammonia gas in the shed can be discharged out of the shed in time to avoid the occurrence of air pollution.

2. Increasing raise root mulch of fertilizers with water keep mulch functional products, both to reduce the effects of not rotten organic fertilizer on the root cause, at the same time like bio-bacterial manure fertilizer inhibits the root disease infection.