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Three Problems Should Be Paid Attention To When Applying Organic Fertilizer To Watermelon.

May 16, 2018

    As the modernization of agriculture is higher and higher, organic products are more and more popular. The government's support and the importance of consumers make agricultural organic fertilizer develop rapidly and play an important role in agricultural production. Organic fertilizer, is the result of using the cultivation or wild green fertilizer plant, through the role of soil microorganisms, under appropriate conditions the elements via mineralization and then returned to the soil, absorbed by crops.

    For the farmers, the appropriate fertilizer should be carefully selected in many agricultural fertilizers to raise agricultural crops. The content and quality of products should be more measured. Therefore, it is recommended to choose plant organic fertilizer as good, easy to be absorbed by crops, and promote photosynthesis of green plants.

    The choice of organic fertilizer is the key. Many watermelons are grown in hilly areas. The soil is poor and poor, and the soil layer is not deep enough. Organic fertilizer although there are many advantages, but it isn't enough to organic, still must form a complete set of application of inorganic compound fertilizer, potassium sulphate compound fertilizer, in particular, the combination of organic and inorganic fertilizer, delayed combined organic fertilizer, effectively promote the ascension of watermelon sugar, give full play to the comprehensive effect of different fertilizer.


    Apply techniques. First, the organic fertilizer must be used 15~20 days before the seedling of the watermelon, the early application can see the effect early, the effect will be poor; The second is to apply to the soil layer below 20cm, to induce the root system to bind, shallow to be easy to lose; Thirdly, after the application of organic fertilizer, the soil has a good moisture content, and the better the soil moisture content is, the faster the fertilizer is released. The fourth is to avoid the use of chemical fertilizers containing chlorine, so as not to reduce the sugar content, affecting the quality.