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The Role of Chelating Agents in Fertilisers

Aug 17, 2017

Under normal environmental conditions, heavy metals in the soil are adsorbed on the soil solid surface and remain in the soil tillage layer due to the aggregation of heavy metals in the soil. Therefore, the application of heavy metal chelating agents to the soil can improve the activity and bioavailability of heavy metals in the soil , Making it easy to flow and be absorbed.

The role of chelating agents in fertilizers is to protect the metal cations in the trace elements from the strong negative ions trapped in the soil to produce incompatible salts that are fixed. Then the best chelating agent should be a better soil pH to adapt to the product, not the rapid degradation of the product is not negative, just to be associated with the technical support. Simple chelation, individuals do not advocate. The advantage of IDHA is the protection of trace element ions, the disadvantage is to increase the molecular volume. Of course the difference is not only here, like non-IDHA, the molecular volume is small for absorption, but the stability is also difficult to guarantee, easy to use in the performance or failure. So when making specific products, there must be specific supporting technology. Non-cheering technology, in fact, more difficult. SOTOUS technical staff in the introduction of its products, referred to a leaf release technology, which is their non-cheating products where the advantages. I'm just adding to IDHA technology, not to deny it. The original trace element products are non-chelating, but it is simply not undefeated non-cheating, in this context, IDHA technology came into being, from the point of view, in the soil application more advantages.

Leaf spray and soil in the IDHA body is not the same, IDHA is not used in the spray surface, but in the absorption efficiency of the limited, through the same technology can be resolved. But if there is no matching technology IDHA products, chewing in the use of foliage, the efficiency will certainly be affected in Europe, IDHA chelating technology has been largely replaced EDTA. Not only in the field of agricultural crops. Bayer in the global pharmaceutical and industrial markets to promote IDHA chelating trace elements, the wider application. IDHA from the technical level, the foliar application and soil application are no problem, ADOB Adam's Kate speak IDHA mainly used in the foliage, the main meaning is that leaf spray effect faster and more effective. HBED is specially developed for the application of extreme overbased soils with pH above 10, recommended soil application, to solve the problem of high-alkaline soil conditions can not absorb the trace of the problem in China's northwest, Sichuan market ...

HBED is developed for extreme alkaline soils. In the northwestern soil, the application of EDTA chelating elements is not absorbed.