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EDTA Chelates Efficient Support

May 18, 2017

EDTA chelating agent has been put on the market for several years, as a root canal treatment of a good efficient auxiliary products, do not know his comrades have not used to their own use and understanding of this product, EDTA Chelates done under the finishing.

EDTA is a root canal chelating agent, EDTA Chelates the chemical composition of ethylenediamine tetraacetic acid, which is textbooks have told us the knowledge.

Now there are two such products on the market, EDTA Chelates one of which is a French blue product, EDETAT, with 14% EDTA, to help expand the EDTA Chelates narrow root canal, 14ml \ bottle.

 EDTA chelating agent application

1. Suitable for tooth rest and dental drill root canal preparation materials

2. Can soften the root canal

3. Suitable for calcified stenosis of the root canal, atresia root canal

4. Can remove the root canal calcification and scale

5. With lubrication to protect the device and teeth

EDTA chelating agent mode of action

1. Removal of ionized substances by chemical reaction, EDTA Chelates effective removal of sodium hypochlorite can not remove the scale

2. Lubrication is easier to fill the process

3. Good antibacterial activity

4. After cleaning to form a clean root canal wall

The EDTA chelating agent EDTA Chelates represents the binding strength of the chelating agent and the metal ion, and the chelating value represents the amount of chelating agent that chelates the metal ions.

Some people in the actual formula will encounter the addition of chelating agent, or there will be scaling phenomenon, will worry about chewing EDTA Chelates force is not enough, and metal ions can not be effectively combined, the actual amount of chelating agent is not in place, resulting in scaling phenomenon The