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Characteristics And Advantages Of Amino Acid Organic Fertilizer

Jan 10, 2019

Amino acid organic fertilizer is used in crops, which has obvious effects on increasing yield, improving quality, reducing pesticide residue and protecting ecological environment. Therefore, amino acid fertilizer has been playing an increasingly important role in agricultural production.

1. In terms of environmental protection, amino acid organic fertilizer can balance nutrition, improve soil quality, improve fertilizer utilization rate and reduce environmental pollution.


2. for crops, farmers and consumers, the effect of increasing yield of amino acid organic fertilizer is very obvious, especially for cash crops, used in foliar fertilizer to improve the quality (especially fruit trees) and other effects are very obvious, good quality can sell at a good price.

3. From the perspective of farmers' consumption awareness, farmers are more and more aware of the development space of organic food and green food in cash crops and vegetable growing areas, so the market prospect of amino acid organic fertilizer will be more and more broad.

Amino acids are extracted from plants and then made into amino acid fertilizers. They are the basic units of protein (pmem), giving proteins specific molecular structure and shape and making their molecules have biochemical activities.

1. Mixed nutrition effect of various amino acids is good

With one amino acid as the sole nitrogen source, foliar spraying showed no obvious effect of fertilizer, most of the single application of amino acids had lower effect than inorganic nitrogen fertilizer with equal nitrogen content, and mixed application of multiple amino acids had higher effect than single amino acid fertilizer with equal nitrogen content and inorganic nitrogen fertilizer with equal nitrogen content. A large number of amino acids increase the utilization of nutrients by their superposition effect.

2. The effect of fertilizer is obvious

Amino acids in organic fertilizers can be directly absorbed by various organs of plants, and obvious effects can be observed within a short time after use. At the same time can promote the early maturity of crops, shorten the growth cycle.

3. Improve crop quality

Amino acid organic fertilizer is mainly composed of amino acid and amino acid complex. Thus crop quality can be improved. If commissary protein content increases 3%, cotton spends velvety qualitative good, fiber is long, vegetable is palatability is good, taste sterling and delicious, crude fiber is reduced, flower period is long, design and color is bright_coloured, aroma is full-bodied, melon and fruit kind fruit is big, color is good, candy is increased, edible part is much, be able to bear or endure store away sex is good, and change-over benefit is remarkable.

4. Clean and pollution-free, improve the ecological environment

No residue of fertilizer applied in the field; It can improve physical and chemical properties of soil, improve water and fertility retention and air permeability, and play a role in soil conservation, curing and improvement.


5. Enhanced metabolism and resilience

After absorption, the physiological and biochemical functions of crops were strengthened. The stems were stout, the leaves thickened, the leaf area expanded, the chlorophyll increased, and the functional period was prolonged. Crops mature earlier because of increased photosynthesis. Also because of their own vitality, cold and drought resistance, pest resistance, lodging resistance, so as to achieve stable and high yield.


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