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Biological Advantages Of Humic Acid

Dec 21, 2016

Biologically, humic acid stimulates the activity of organism and microorganism.

1. Stimulate plant enzyme and increase the yield. 

2. Working as an organic catalyzer during plants growing period. 

3. Stimulate the breeding and growth of beneficial microorganism in the soil. 

4. Improve the ability of anti-diseases and insects. 

5. Stimulate the root development and direct absorption to nutritional substances in particular. 

6. Promote the root breath and development of root system. 

7. Promote the formation of Chlorophyll and formation of sugar and amino acids in plants, it’s helpful to the photosynthesis. 

8. Increase the mineral substances in plants and percentage of vitamins. 

9. Increase the thickness of fruit cell wall and prolong the shelf life. 

10. Stimulate the seeds germination. 

11. Accelerate the cell division, rapidly develop the root system, stimulate the plant growth. 

12. Increase the crop yield, improve crop quality, and improve the physical appearance and nutritional value.