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Application Of Humic Acid

Nov 17, 2016

Soil application
Combine the humic acid solution of concentration of 0.02%-0.05% with farmyard manure as base dressing, 4500-6000kg/ha. HumiBase is mainly used by soil application.

Top dressing
At the stage of seedling and heading, apply 3750kg/ha of humic acid solution with concentration 0.01%-0.1% close to the plant roots. Flush together with water for paddy or spread on water surface. It greatly promotes the growth development of plants. K-ONE is perfectly used by top dressing.

Foliage spray
At stage of late flowering and early filling, apply 750-1200kg/ha of humic acid 0.01-0.05%, it helps the nutrients transferring from stem and leaves to wheat heads, increase the weight of kernel. Spray period suggest during 2-6pm.

K-ONE Super, PowerAmino, Super Trace Amino and SeaNova are the best choices for foliage spray.

Soaking seeds
It increases the germination rate of seeds by soaking with humic acid solution and develops the root system. Soaking seeds with humic acid solution of 0.01-0.05% concentration, and soaking time depends on the thickness of seeds skin. Generally, 5-10h for vegetables and wheat with thin seeds skin, minimum 24h for solid seeds like paddy and cotton, etc.