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Amino Acids Have Any Effect On Plants

Jan 03, 2018

Amino acids are the most basic substances that make up the biological proteins and are related to life activities. They are the basic units that make up protein molecules in living organisms and are closely related to biological life activities. It has a special physiological function in the antibody, which is one of the essential nutrients in the organism.

Because of the nature of amino acids, it has a unique promotion effect on plant growth, especially photosynthesis, especially glycine, which can increase the chlorophyll content of plants, increase the enzyme activity, promote the infiltration of carbon dioxide, make the photosynthesis more vigorous, , Increase Vc and sugar content has an important role.

Plant spraying or application of amino acid nutrition liquid fertilizer can increase the plant's various nutrients needed to exacerbate the accumulation of dry matter and from plant roots or leaves to other parts of the speed and quantity of operation, adjust the large number of elements, trace elements and each The proportion of nutrients and the balance of state, which play a role in regulating the normal growth of plants.

Amino acids can also act as complexing agents. N, P, K and other large elements, Zn, Fe, Cu, Mn, B, Mo and other trace elements in the body of the necessary substances. Crops often suffer from the lack of symptoms of certain elements due to too little of the effective fraction that can be absorbed by the crop and amino acids that chelate with less soluble elements to protect the elements required for the crop and produce good solubility , Easily absorbed by crops chelate, which is conducive to plant absorption.

Amino acids can promote root growth, strong seedlings, healthy plants, enhance photosynthetic function of leaves and crop resistance. Resistance to pests and diseases, a variety of crops have a significant increase in yield