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Amino Acid The Role

May 18, 2017

Amino acids we are very familiar with, Amino Acid it is to build a biological organism one of the many biological activity molecules, or the construction of human cells, repair the basic material of human tissue. The role of amino acids are more, usually we are concerned about the relatively small, so ignore it. Amino Acid So how much do you know about the side effects of amino acids? We together look.

At present, scientists have found 300 kinds of natural amino acids, of which the basic amino acids have twenty varieties, the more common amino acids are threonine, lysine, Amino Acid leucine, valine, isoleucine, color ammonia Acid, methionine, phenylalanine 8 amino acids, the human body can not produce their own amino acids, we call the essential amino acids, therefore, need to be provided by food. Amino Acid Here with Xiaobian together to understand the role of amino acids and amino acid side effects it.

Amino acids constitute the basic unit of protein, giving the protein specific molecular structure, so that the protein protons have biochemical activity. Amino Acid Protein It is one of the most important active molecules in the body, including enzymes that catalyze metabolism. Amino acids contained in the glutamic acid, which is an important component of our body, but also the treatment of liver disease, mental illness and nervous system diseases, the treatment of schizophrenia, liver disease, neurasthenia are very good effect.

 A lot of the role of amino acids, Amino Acid it can be our body of toxic substances from the body, effectively reduce the radiation, pollution caused by the human body damage. To exclude the body after the intense exercise of the body's metabolites, which has to promote the spirit, body, Amino Acid muscle and other aspects of rapid recovery, so to improve the body function has a very good help.

We know the role of amino acids, it has a lot of benefits for our body, but you have to understand the side effects of amino acids which? Then let's take a look at it. Amino acids are suitable for lack of protein and frail patients. Amino Acid Each drug has a certain amount of taking, if the excessive use will cause a variety of adverse reactions. According to the relevant experts pointed out that if the excessive use of amino acids will be fat, improve the incidence of diabetes, etc.