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Amino Acid The Function

Jul 25, 2017

Amino acids and the effectiveness of life-rich amino acids in food recommended amino acids are the body's nutrients, is the composition of the human brain important substances, the brain amino acid content, Amino Acid determine the human intelligence and memory, Amino Acid so the daily supplementation of amino acids Is very necessary, especially in the white body with the brain, but also inseparable from the amino acids, Amino Acid said the function of amino acids, the following we look at what food food contains the amino acids we need.

Amino acids are important substances in the brain, amino acid content of up to 90% or more. Modern biological research found that people are smart, wisdom, and its huge brain inseparable. Amino Acid People in the evolution of the process, mastered the ability to obtain protein (amino acids), so well-developed, highly IQ, and gradually dominate the world.

Experiments show that the amount of amino acids in the brain, determines the level of human intelligence and memory, brain, improve the memory of the key is to make up the amino acid nutrition. Amino Acid In addition, amino acids have the following effects and effects.

Tryptophan can relieve stress, avoid depression, anxiety and other state, Amino Acid stable emotions, to maintain strong energy.

Amino acids is the basic material of the human immune system, the number and quality of amino acids, and the immune system is closely related to the strength, tryptophan, phenylalanine, Amino Acid lysine, etc. are necessary for the production of raw materials, Of the amino acids, is to improve the body's immune system.

Efficacy: phenylalanine to reduce hunger, Amino Acid enhance sexual desire, enhance memory, improve the sensitivity of thinking, inspire the spirit of the elimination of depression and other effects.

Suitable crowd: suitable for suffering from sexual dysfunction, memory loss, postpartum depression,Amino Acid menopausal syndrome, seasonal disease, depression and other diseases, Amino Acid patients often add disease.

Food sources: Phenylalanine-rich foods include whole wheat bread, Amino Acid cakes, rice noodles, noodles, soy and soy products, white cheese, milk, almonds, peanuts, pumpkins and sesame seeds.

Efficacy: Isoleucine is essential for the formation of human hemoglobin, can regulate the body's blood sugar (mainly to improve blood sugar levels), improve energy levels, improve the body's energy, Amino Acid repair damaged muscle tissue, adjuvant treatment of liver failure, promote growth hormone secretion.

Suitable crowd: suitable for suffering from hypoglycemia, Amino Acid liver disease, trauma, growth hormone secretion and other diseases, as well as patients after surgery often added.

Food sources: foods rich in isoleucine mainly include animal liver, Amino Acid eggs, ducks, soybeans, black beans, corn, black rice, brown rice, almonds, peanuts, wheat, fish and various dairy products.