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Amino Acid Stay Normal

Oct 27, 2017

What is the amino acid? Amino acids are mainly used in medicine to prepare compound amino acid infusions, also used as therapeutic agents and for the synthesis of peptide drugs. Amino Acid There are currently a few hundred kinds of amino acids that are used as drugs, including 20 kinds of amino acids that make up the protein and 100 kinds of amino acids that make up non-protein.

Amino acids are used to regulate blood sugar, Amino Acid for diabetes, diet, prevention and treatment of acute hepatitis caused by abnormal liver function, used to supplement the physical weakness and a variety of diseases caused by protein loss. But still a lot of people are worried that amino acids have side effects, Amino Acid the following details of the amino acid side effects.

Amino acid side effects: cause obesity, Amino Acid amino acids for protein deficiency and debilitating patients, liver and kidney failure, muscle weakness, if it is normal and nutrition is already very abundant, the body protein or amino acid excess too much, it will cause obesity The

Amino acid side effects of two: the cause of physical discomfort, for the digestive capacity of normal healthy young children are not suitable for consumption, is the third drug, Amino Acid after eating inevitably a variety of uncomfortable.

Amino acid side effects of three: high protein diet will cause increased incidence of diabetic nephropathy. Amino acids are high-protein diet, Amino Acid excessive consumption can lead to diabetes.

Amino acids have different metabolic effects in infants and adults. The use of ordinary amino acid infusion, infants and young children in the activity of phenylalanine hydroxylase is low, Amino Acid easy to produce high phenylalanineemia. And the lack of tyrosine;

Therefore, infants and young children using amino acid infusion should reduce the amount of phenylalanine, methionine, glycine, increase the amount of cysteine, tyrosine, histidine, so as to make the plasma amino acid spectrum to maintain normal. This product adapts to the characteristics of infant metabolism, reducing the amount of phenylalanine, methionine, glycine, increase the amount of cysteine, tyrosine, histidine, Amino Acid to meet the nutritional needs of children.

Amino acids are the basic units of protein, including skin, nails, hair are composed of protein, and hair is 90% of the composition of collagen. Amino acids used in hair and skin, not only the above said to add nutrition, add water, but also can improve the immune function of the skin, Amino Acid enhance the lymphatic system detoxification, increase the sensitivity of the sensitive skin has a good effect, Amino Acid and can maintain hair And the skin collagen fibers and elastic fibers of the normal growth, Amino Acid to maintain the skin's delicate and flexible, to maintain the elasticity of the hair.